Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Blocktion is a free online game and will be a subject of great interest who love to play board game. The board shown in the game is a 9*9 grid and on it letters will be placed and the letters are on the blue tiles. These tiles will appear one at a time and will automatically follow the mouse. You have to decide where to drop them on the board.

Once a letter appears it will start to fall onto the board. An example is also given of the alphabet 'A' and it shown larger in size because it has just appeared. As soon as it falls on the board, it automatically shrinks until it looks like the letter 'I' next to it. The left shows the next letter that will appear after the previous one. There is also a 'gameplay note' in this online flash game which says , ' Don't let one letter drop onto the another one.

The falling letter will move to a 'Random' spot.' Then you have move and drop the letters to make words which should be of minimum three letters. If the game finds a word, it will play a chime and highlight the letters. To proceed, click on the word to clear off the board and earn points. Click away from the word to leave the letters on the board. Blocktion can be played in the free mode and the challenge mode for more fun and varied gameplay.

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