Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Decorations game : Decorate your house for Christmas

Free online games are very popular among people. These games enable people to enjoy some beautiful moments. In this Christmas season, people would be surely looking to play Free online Christmas games. Gaming sites have updated themselves and introduced many Christmas games so that people can enjoy these games with their family members and friends in the festival season. People plan how to decorate their homes on Christmas. Holiday Decorations game helps you in decorating your home. This game allows you to decorate your home in best way. Name of the game is 'Decorate your house for Christmas.'

This game is very interesting. You are provided a room. You can choose wall colors, floor designs, window designs with different backgrounds. Select the design of floor center. Now decorate roof of the house in various ways and choose that you feel look most beautiful on your roof. Also choose a picture for wall that you think is most suitable for the occasion. Now choose the seating sofa and table that matches your theme of decoration.

Select one nicely decorated Christmas tree which you want in the room. Select the gifts and kind of packaging you want to exchange with your guests and finally choose the Santa that you think is very cheerful and generous to greet you. Is the room decorated in the way you wanted your room to be? Do you wanna make some change? If you wanna make some changing, you can change it easily. Now has it become perfect. So, here you got the idea how to decorate your room.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jet pack Jailbreak

Jet pack Jailbreak is among the list of the most popular online flash games, which has been created by Pehri games, the programming , designing, sound effects and music of which has been given by Peter Hristov. This game has an unusual concept of a protagonist being lost in the old copper mine, which has been organized for the prison.

To avoid the imprisonment the player has to escape and can use an old jet pack for the purpose. As soon as the player will sign up on an entertainment portal to play this game, it will take a few seconds till the buffering ends. After its completion the player will have a black footage with the text mentioned in green. Along with the game's name there are four options provided. It includes play, story, credits and more games. After browsing on the play option the user will have three circles mentioned in which cash bonus, fuel bonus and kick bonus would be mentioned. After choosing one, the player is entitled to play the game.

Other option would be of story, which would guide the basic concept , credits would enable a player to know the creators and finally the more games option will provide an access to various other games. Among all the free online games, Jet pack Jailbreak is one such which has a nice concept and a wonderful treatment. Other than all these options the game has an exit and pause icon. This game has to be played with the help of movement keys as compared mouse which is used for other online games.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Ball Jigsaw

Christmas Ball Jigsaw is an online puzzle game which combines the flavor of approaching Christmas with a teasing puzzle. This interesting game requires to put the haphazard bits and pieces of the picture in the right place and create the exact image of the glittery Christmas ball given.

The image is of a bright dazzling Christmas Ball shown hanging from a portion of a Christmas tree. The visuals of the party prop is very attractive and you have to create a replica of the image given. It is a free puzzle game that can be played instantly without the obligation of paying any downloading charges. It is a hard-core brain exercise and any one who wants to sharpen his or her thinking and reasoning ability, should play this game.

It is a lot of fun and while solving the jigsaw you can simultaneously see the image by placing the mouse on the 'View Image' icon and re-locate the pics if you feel that you are going wrong. But you need to be quick as time is running out fast in the game.

This game will appeal to those who like to tease their brain and like to challenge themselves with tricky tasks as it will give them a lot of enjoyment. Christmas ball Jigsaw serves the same purpose and you will definitely appreciate the game.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fifth ODI between India and Sri Lanka called off because of bad pitch

It was very shameful event for Indian capital 'Delhi' not being able to organize a successful one day international cricket match which is going to host Commonwealth games to be held next year. The ODI between India and Sri Lanka was called off after 23.3 overs because of extremely poor pitch conditions. The cancellation was called at 11:20 am when Sri Lanka had made only 85 runs by losing 5 wickets.

There was continuous uproar over poor pitch conditions at the venue ever since the T20 Champions League and the India Australia ODI was played here on 31st Oct. BCCI which always shows alacrity in making money from cricket failed to heed the complaints and did nothing to modify the pitch conditions. BCCI has come into action after the match was spoiled because of already made complaints.

The BCCI immediately suspended pitches and grounds committee and its chief Daljit Singh, who had the responsibility to prepare Kotla's surface. The DDCA’s own local curator Vijay Bahadur Mishra, its ground and pitches committee chairman, Chetan Chauhan and committee’s convener Sunil Dev have quit from their designation. BCCI has presented a nice example of locking the stable after the horse has bolted.

However If this shameful incident of Cricket World is compared with attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers in Pakistan early this year, BCCI will feel less guilty. Attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers on 3rd March 2009 in Pakistan is unforgettable ghastly incident and the day can be termed as a black day in history of Cricket. Former Pakistani Captain Javed Miandad himself said “ What has happened today in cricket can never happen in sports anywhere in the world. Obviously, my sympathies are with the Sri Lankan team.” Six Sri Lankan cricketers and their assistant coach were injured while their security guards were among eight people killed in the first ever terror strike in the history of the sport, forcing Sri Lankan authority to immediately call off the tour.

Sri Lankan wicket keeper batsman Kumar Sangakkara, spinner Ajantha Mendis, Thilan Samaraweera, Tharanga Paranavitana, Suranga Lakmal and Thilina Thushara were injured in the attack at the busy Liberty Chowk traffic roundabout, located less than a kilometre from Gaddafi Stadium, at around 9 am. Assistant coach Paul Farbrace also sustained minor injuries in the brazen attack, carried out by a dozen masked terrorists armed with rifles, grenades and rocket-launchers. The gunmen ambushed the luxury bus ferrying Sri Lankan cricket team to Gaddafi Stadium.

Sri Lankan Cricketers must be having memories of that brutal attack and would be feeling thankful to Indian authorities for at least not allowing such life threatening attacks to take place.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Caillou Coloring

Internet has enabled people to play many online action games. Many websites offer free action games. Apart from action games, people enjoy other different kinds of games. Have you heard about painting games. You can paint drawings in desired colors and can give different looks to these.

Caillou Coloring is a nice painting game. Children as well as adults can enjoy playing painting with brush and assigning different colors to characters drawn. This is an interesting game. There is a man carrying a baby girl on a wheel chair.

Use brush and pick a color, put the brush where you want to paint. You can assign different desired colors to body, dresses, shocks and shoes. Similarly you can also decorate wheel chair with different colors. Paint the hair of girl in the color, you want to see her with. You can also set a background color.

If you are not satisfied with earlier selection of colors, then you can change it at any moment. Children can play this game with their friends and can see who has painted better.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow White Dress Up

Among all the online flash games available on the various entertainment and gaming portals, one genre which has gained immense popularity among gaming lovers is Dress up games. In this category, Snow white dress up has witnessed maximum players in short span of time.

This game is easily available on many websites can be easily played by the users of any age group. To play this game, the the first three steps to follow would be signing up on the desired portal, let the buffering get over, view the footage and finally start playing.

User does not need to use any keys to play this game and has to just use Mouse as a tool. In the video, the user will have an animated character (a girl), whom the player has to dress up with the kit provided on the left side of the screen. This kit would include many dresses, shoes and accessories.

The user has to pick up an outfit and accessory to place it on the body of the animated character. Snow white dress up is something new as compared to the games categorized under various genres because it has a complete fresh look and new concept altogether. This is the only reason that, among all the free online games this one has an edge over others.

Bollywood New Releases

Bollywood is never short of new releases and makes sure that movie lovers are provided with an ample dose of new flicks that entertain throughout the year. Bollywood never leaves a dull moment for movie fanatics and churns out a large number of Bollywood New Releases catering to various genres like Romance, drama, fiction, thriller, horror, action.

Christmas is approaching and with new year round the corner, Bollywood has a number of Upcoming Bollywood Movies lined up, to cash on the celebration mood of people. Movie goers can find a lot of information on the new releases on various entertainment portals and update themselves on the latest films releasing in near future.

Users can get detailed news on the cast and crew of the film and get a brief account of the plot of the film in advance that will surely help them to decide if they want to watch it in theaters and spend a good amount on them.

The ratings put up by various websites will help users to get a fair idea of the standing of the film. They can get accurate knowledge of the releases dates and can plan in advance when to catch the movie with their friends. Entertainment portals also enable the users to post their comments and rate the movies. They can share their views with other online users on the new flicks by writing reviews on them, thus giving an opportunity to users to turn film critics.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Twilight Puzzles

Twilight Puzzle is an online puzzle game that features stars of latest Hollywood release 'Twilight', Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It's a jigsaw puzzle and very simple to play.

It is just for a great concentration and good observation. Jumbled picture of stars will be provided to you which you have to sort in a complete correct picture. Pieces of the puzzle are movable in all directions with mouse and keyboard is not required to play. Its a very simple game and individual ranging from kid to adult can experience the fun offered by this games.

In break-less schedule of office its quite impossible to take time off for fun and entertainment. Gaming, since very long, is the major source of entertainment and its availability on Internet facilitates user to play at work place.

Online games are gaining popularity as Internet has grown into everybody's reach. Games from ample categories are available to play on cyber space. To kill times this is a perfect measure that to at no cost. Yes you have heard it right! Online games are available targeting all age groups and offers free puzzle games, adventure games, action games, racing games, shooting games, festival games, dress up games and many more.

Hubble Space Game

Among the list of well known free online games, the one which has gained mass acceptance is named Hubble Space game. Its an online flash game which has been developed by Mrjones and it is also categorized as a board game.

The concept of this game is quite unique and it is based on the first Telescope made by NASA. The player has to find twenty four images taken by the telescope. There will be only one protagonist in this game who has to operate on the PC.

As soon as all the twenty four images are been found by the player he will win the game. The presence of flash technology has given a complete new look to this game and many new tools have been added to make the game easily understandable.

It is necessary for the players to go through all the instructions because it will help them to know which tools and keys have to be used to complete every level. Hubble space game is available on many gaming and entertainment portals, which makes it more easier for regular players.

Some websites also provide an opportunity to even download online flash games including Hubble Space.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Glitter Make Up: Different From The regular Conventional Video Games

With the presence of so many online dress up games of different genres in the web world, one more is making round in the gaming industry, and this particular genre is Online Dress up games. In this particular category there is a new game introduced which is known as Glitter make up.

It is different from the regular conventional video games which comprises a lot of action and adventure. It is more like a film with the predictable story but still entertaining. This game is available on many gaming portals which entitles the players to experiment with something new.

Play Glitter Make Up Game Online At

As soon as the player logs on to the particular website to play this game, he will come across a play now option, by browsing on which the player will get the entire footage which has an animated face and a kit on the right side. This kit would include lipsticks, dresses, eyeliners and through the entire kit, the player has to do the make up of the character on screen to score the maximum.

It is important to learn the implementation of various keys and mouse to successfully complete all the levels. The concept of this girlz games are quite fresh and unique and now many companies are coming up with such genres to strengthen their market position in the gaming industry.
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