Monday, September 22, 2008

The Incredible Hulk: A fantastic Game harbouring the spirit of "Hulk"

The expression of raw power and anger was dominant in the movie made about the marvel comics good guy(with a lot of anger and brute power), Hulk. The game is even more fantastic and the user will be able to have the full experience of being the full raw anger called the Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk:Ultimate Destruction is a game which seeks the attention of gamers all over the world by its ability to invoking the feeling of anger and power within. It is a game for men in the sense that all it has in it is complete demolition as well as destruction of objects ranging from cars to buildings. Pure surge in adrenaline is what the gamer will feel when he plays this game. The urge to be the Hulk in this game is further enhanced by the good graphics and sound. To put it simply it is a game for men and that too for those who have anger stored in them. This is also a good game in this respect as it acts as a stress buster in the stress friendly world of today and hence should be experienced in a great way.

'The Incredible Hulk:Ultimate Destruction' is a game which is based on the movie itself and hence gamers who have seen the movie can experience the feeling that they felt within themselves while viewing the movie, one again by playing this game. An immense degree of attention has been focused on character detail and hence the graphics are awesome and the Hulk looks and sounds are as real as it was in the movie.

The power is felt in the act of destroying buildings into pieces with bare hands and this is the feeling which a gamer is bound to get when he sets about and settles down in the game by lifting and throwing cars and creating an immense amount of destruction. Damage is thus an element fused with the anger of the hulk in this game and hence the users will have a wonderful time playing this game. Hence they will break cars and destroy buildings, create new access points by breaking walls and ultimately shedding off their anger in this marvel of a game.

The gameplay is further improved by the fact that this is an online action game and hence the fusion of online gaming experience as well as great graphics becomes the major feature. This game also has a rage meter which shows the level of the anger that the character of Hulk possesses and is an interactive game at its best.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Battle Of The Bands : Experience The Real Fascination Through Artificial Scenario

The Battle of the Bands is a very fascinating game. The features of the game are very exciting. The users can make use of the Wii remote to cross the beat line and make occasional jab on the screen. If the users can hit the notes squarely then that leads to better point results. This constant chipping with one another is done to add to ones tally. The players beat icons as they come near the beat line and this leads to an adverse affect on the opponents. In fact, hitting the icons decides ones winning capacity. A stage in the game arises when the main goal becomes launching green skulls on opponents.

This video game is available with free online games website. The users can play this marvellous game online too. But, I personally prefer to download the game for playing purpose. The reason is that it is accessible anytime. I can play the game even when I am on the way to my office. The Battle of the Bands is very exciting and I would recommend it to everyone.

The players can also connect their gaming console to a TV and play the game with ease. The console then serves as the remote control and users find it very exciting to play the game on a TV screen.

Information about this game is available on the internet. One can get detailed information about how the game is to be played and what techniques should be applied for becoming a winner while playing the game.

The user-friendly interface of the game makes it possible for people to keep playing different levels of this video thriller. The users find it very exciting while playing the game and so continue to play more number of rounds. It is very common to see people loading this game in their own personal console. People then play the it while they are travelling and at times when they feel bored. The excitement of playing the Battle of the Bands prevails for long hours. It helps players become relaxed. It draws out all tensions from ones mind.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gaming Gets Better With The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion is a very good addition to the group of online web games and it is quite an experience to play it. This is game which comes with a surprise which becomes the major punchline of this game. This product is present in most of the known gaming platforms like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and many more. Hence, this game is not too hard to find as it comes with all the major gaming platforms and the experience of playing this game is fantastic.

The last word of the title of this game is Fusion. This word is indicative of the basic feature of this game which sees a collection of major superheroes working together as a team in order to achieve impossible and wonderful deeds. The story starts with a convincing effort to create a team of superheroes who together are to fight a large horde of super villains and beasts. Although the list of heroes involved in this game is not completely exhaustive yet the gamer can play the role of icons like Spiderman, Hulk, Daredevil, Wolverine, Thor, Venom, Captain America and also Invisible Woman. The player can thus throws webs while playing Spiderman and crush enemies by stampeding towards them in the form of Hulk. He can also swipe his villains to pieces with the ultra sharp blades on his hand when he plays the character of Wolverine. In all there are about 24 characters from which the player can choose from and also includes challenging conquests in the form of villains who have super powers.

The game also sees teamwork in the best form possible among games that are dependent on the spirit of teamwork and collective success. Since this is an online multilayer game hence different types of people located anywhere in the world can play the role of the featured superheroes and hence have a great time in working as a team and fulfilling majestic deeds which carry loads of human excellence.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion involves all the facets which are a part of online multilayer games and the player can expect a fantastic experience which is however dependent on his modem performance. Hence with a good modem and high connection speeds this game puts the garb of a completely new form of gaming magnificence. The gamer can hence expect the performance of a lifetime when he starts playing this game and taking part in the different tasks involved while playing this online game.

This game thus proves itself as one of the best games in the online web games scenario and is also one of the best present in terms of performance and efficiency. The game play and the graphics looks quite good judging from the screen shots available at various websites.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Are you fond of the popular website cartoon Homestar Runner? If yes, you will like it even more in the online game - Homestar Ruiner.
Online games cover a whole world of extremely contrasting genres. The objective is to give equal fun and frolic to gamers of all age and type. But these days, the games have sprouted numerous forms and players irrespective of their age, sex and nature take out time to hop into the game express to get the maximum out of the life.
Word and puzzle games like Super Text Twist, Flip Words, Bookworm Adventure and Homestar Runner are hot favourites, especially among the kids. These free online games not only give the kids a respite from the usual monotony of books, but also make them sharp and observant. Hence, in a way these games are tutorials masquerading as fun items.

The Homestar Ruiner is a magnificent game which incorporates the essence of the classic humor and distinguished art style which is the prime flavor of the original website cartoon of the same name. The whole game goes as a story with a plethora of the bizarre characters. The game flows smoothly with unique challenges like looking for hidden items in the game's backdrop. Most of the moves are involve mouse clicks.

The gamer is expected to play the role of Strong Bad who is totally against Homestar Runner. He decides to ruin Homestar and his chances to conquer the Tri-Annual Race and in turn creates devastation at the celebratory party which Homestar's girlfriend Marzipan has thrown to celebrate his imminent victory.

However, Strong Bad repents on his deed because as a result of spoiling Marzipan's party Homestar had to drop in at Strong Bad place to seek shelter( Marzipan is in real bad temper). Consequently, Strong bad is left with no option than to help Homestar in the race and set things right. The game takes a funny twist and the puzzles on the way get intensely tougher with the advancing stages. With the intensity of the difficulty, the fun also gets a thrust and thus the game makes every single moment in its course fun-filled and thriving. Not to mention, unlike the other action games, there will be a smile on your face throughout the game.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Supreme Commander: The Battle Begins

After the award winning conquest game, “The Age Of Empire: Conqueror's Campaign”, the furore of the battle games took the form of a vortex. Supreme Commander has also lent a valuable contribution to intensify this craze.

The excitement of building and administering a large territory is matchless. Games of the other genre that get over in minutes cannot compare themselves with these conquest games where the games get extended to days during the early few trials. The Supreme Commander is one very distinguished game which has already made a huge fervent fan-follow up who won’t mind singing its praises all day long. The world of War craft which is depicted in this game is what makes the amateur gamers feel the urge to keep on playing the game.

Collecting resources, building structures, producing units, creating an army of warriors and finally crushing the opponents are the main strategies of this game. It needs a lot of planning and speculations to adopt the right means, choosing the right time and deciding the right move to tackle each of these actions. Tackling the challenges in the very first go is next to impossible. Mastering the controls, getting the hang of the imminent hassles put in your way by your opponents takes a good 8 to 10 hours.

Play this free online game with other players and you will see the fun getting multiplied. If you are the first time player of this game and your opponents give you a good blow, there is no need to feel disheartened because you are on a way to success and within a few games, you will be standing tall and proud all equipped with the tricks to dodge and thrash your opponent.

Your capacity to manage and administer your territory decides whether or not the game is in your hand. The more progress you manage to achieve in your territory, the easier the battle becomes. Produce as many units as possible and build a strong defense. Get ample of resources; they are bound to help you a lot during tough times. During an attack, the player must be ready with enough defenses and safeguard measures. The player, who can dodge the move of the opponent, gets an edge over the one who himself ventures a battle in this game.

Supreme Commander is a game for those who don’t play online games as a pastime rather take out time to play.
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