Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Supreme Commander: The Battle Begins

After the award winning conquest game, “The Age Of Empire: Conqueror's Campaign”, the furore of the battle games took the form of a vortex. Supreme Commander has also lent a valuable contribution to intensify this craze.

The excitement of building and administering a large territory is matchless. Games of the other genre that get over in minutes cannot compare themselves with these conquest games where the games get extended to days during the early few trials. The Supreme Commander is one very distinguished game which has already made a huge fervent fan-follow up who won’t mind singing its praises all day long. The world of War craft which is depicted in this game is what makes the amateur gamers feel the urge to keep on playing the game.

Collecting resources, building structures, producing units, creating an army of warriors and finally crushing the opponents are the main strategies of this game. It needs a lot of planning and speculations to adopt the right means, choosing the right time and deciding the right move to tackle each of these actions. Tackling the challenges in the very first go is next to impossible. Mastering the controls, getting the hang of the imminent hassles put in your way by your opponents takes a good 8 to 10 hours.

Play this free online game with other players and you will see the fun getting multiplied. If you are the first time player of this game and your opponents give you a good blow, there is no need to feel disheartened because you are on a way to success and within a few games, you will be standing tall and proud all equipped with the tricks to dodge and thrash your opponent.

Your capacity to manage and administer your territory decides whether or not the game is in your hand. The more progress you manage to achieve in your territory, the easier the battle becomes. Produce as many units as possible and build a strong defense. Get ample of resources; they are bound to help you a lot during tough times. During an attack, the player must be ready with enough defenses and safeguard measures. The player, who can dodge the move of the opponent, gets an edge over the one who himself ventures a battle in this game.

Supreme Commander is a game for those who don’t play online games as a pastime rather take out time to play.

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