Friday, August 29, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The famous movie was sure a treat to sore eyes. The characters of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner depicted the proper images of the good old pirates. Apart from this, the whole construction of the movie was magnificent and majestic. The game as far as I am concerned is also an effective and efficient time out for anybody. This is one of the latest free online games that has hit the online game industry and has already the maximum number of players engaged in playing it.

The game has the gamers controlling a ship which goes around and around in a whirlpool and the players have to rescue five lost souls at a time. They have to save a maximum of 100 souls. They also have to pick up barrels of ammunition. This is used to fire at Krakan – the squid like creature which appears at the centre of the funnel in the whirlpool.

I played this game in my brother's house and this is one of the best games in the market. The controls are important and the major reasons for this is that the overall motive of the game is simple and the game-play is just too easy.

Hence I became the pirate and gave commands to my mates in the old rag torn 'Black Pearl' and fired many a cannonballs towards the horrible squid. Then I also pulled up lots of souls from the black waters and hence had a really great time in playing this game. Hence this is one the good online games that I have played up till now.

Then there are also the graphics which are good. Since this belongs to the genre of online games, the loading time of this game is also quite quick and one isn't required to wait too long for the game to start. This makes the interest to play the game grow and the game also further heightens the playing experience. Hence this game is thus very interesting and the experience to play the game grows in intensity as the time we play it gets longer. There are many free online games in the market today but this is perhaps the best of them since it doesn't take to long to load and the game is also not prone to hanging while the gamer is playing this game.

Therefore this game is a decent one and is also a welcome addition in the world of free online games, and there is so much to discover in this game even though the storyboard of this game is simple.

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