Friday, July 31, 2009

Miniwave- A Perfect Racing Game Review

MiniwaveThese online games has come up with totally uncomplicated concept of gaming. Moreover all of us have paddled boats in our nearby lakes and in the same way you have to run across your boat before your competitor does.

Page of the game is designed in a zig-zag manner, so arrow keys are used to move the boat in a proper direction. Main part which is to be emphasized is that the player has to maintain a desirable required speed to get a triumph over the competitor. Game is moreover similar to the racing game, just the prop is changed, instead of a car or a bik boat is used to make the game a different in itself.

This online racing game is at its best style, so players do not leave the chance and grab the opportunity to prove yourself best among the rest. Adventure games are more with the entertainment part instead of using skills, and thats why this is designed keeping the same purpose in minds.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dunebashing - Free Action Game To Play Online

Play Dunebashing Free Action Game Online

This another action game motivates the player to antithesis themself on the roaler coaster bike and complete the ride within the specified time given. This particular flash game challenge the player to complete his journey through these massive sand dunes.

The designing of the game is so natural that a player instead of pretending, really feels that he is going through the tough sand dunes of Dubai. Upper arrow keys are used to move the bike and right, left arrow keys are used to balance the bike in a more steady manner. In total three lives are given each time to complete the game and if the player accomplishes the first level in the given time, then he is provided with the next level to complete.

Scores are also given accordingly, according to the performance. The proper score board can be seen by clicking on the caption “view high score”. So all you crazy players out there try these curvy roads of Dubai and make yourself a perfect rider.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apple Shooter: Free Online Arcade Game

Online arcade games have revolutionized the concept of free games. This game is all about testing your concentrating power. Here there are basically one player and the other is the one holding the apple over his head that is the target. The game is too much enthralling involving a lot much patience, concentration for an accurate aim otherwise the consequences would be problematic as if the arrow shoots above the apple then no problem as you miss the chance, if one shoots the apple then nothing like that as you have hit the target but if you hit somewhere below the apple then one is going to hurt the man leaving him injured.

Apple Shooter
The best part of the Apple Shooter is it is layered into levels – the first level is of 20 ft and as you shoot the apple you move on to the second level which comprises one to stand at a distance of 25 ft and aim the apple if one hits the target you move on to the third level standing on a distance of 30 ft and aim for the apple as you go on hitting the target one goes on progressing to the next round with the game becoming more and more thrilling and entertaining.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sort My Tiles: Mind Refreshing Puzzle Game Review

Kids games make us remember those days when we used to play those puzzle games in which we used to arrange those cards to give them a final required look. It involved a lot of bursting of minds, same is the case with these children games when played online.

In this game, player has to pick up a particular tile by pressing the red button and place it in a correct place, until and unless player place it in a write position next tile will not come out. So it becomes necessary for the player to concentrate on the given picture.

Here in Sort My Tiles game beautiful combination of penguins need to be arranged by the player. Portion which is shown dark blue and which is light blue, makes it easier for the player to differentiate between the sorted tiles and unsorted ones. Concept is being taken uniquely different which can easily capture the interest of the players in solving this puzzle game.

So all you crazy gamers out there, try to boggle your mind in arranging this set of penguins.

Monday, July 27, 2009

School Bus Frenzy: Game Review

There are many exciting online action games available. Game developers try to get the attention of the users by inventing interesting games. It seems that they get their inspiration from our daily lives too. School bus Frenzy is one such game. In this game you have to make the kids cross the road to board the school bus. A challenge which most of the parents face everyday, thanks to the huge traffic.

It can be played in two modes- Arcade and Survival mode. The player needs to bring two kids in the stationary bus on the opposite side of the road. The Instructions are easy to follow. One has to use the mouse to move the kids. One can also earn points by kicking the Brigadier. In the survival mode, there is no limit on the time frame of the game and the number of kids. But the kids have to be brought safely, without being hit by the vehicles on the road.

There is a variety of free online games available on a number of websites. One can play them in their spare time and virtually escape from our mundane lives. There is one more reason to rejoice as these games are available free of cost.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Made yourself Adventure with Fanta Dash

Fanta DashToday is the age of marketing. If a product is marketed well it definitely increases revenue of the seller. One such game is Fanta Dash – an free adventure game promoted by a cold drink manufacturing company.

It is a game which helps to relive childhood fantasies of sailing through the air sitting on a prop. In this game there is a fanta bottle and you need to shake the bottle to gain maximum power to sail smoothly through the air. Then you have to aim the bottle very fast to have the best angle to race through the air. One needs to collect the bottle click on them so that on can use them for gaining speed. There are a number of obstacles which one has to cross to successfully complete the game.

There are a number of websites which enable the users to play a number of free games. There are various categories of games such as action games, card games and many more. Adventure games are one of the most sought after games on the net. Children and adults also love to play these games, as they are thrilling and exciting. These games are a good source of entertainment.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Venessa Hudgens Makeover- A Girl's Favorite Game

Dress Up GamesWho does not like to dress up well and feel good. Especially girls in their teens, are very conscious of their looks. Here is a game for all the lovely girls out there-The Venessa Hudgens makeover. It is one of the sweetest Dress Up Games. It is very simple to play. One needs to needs to dress up the girl named Venessa.

according to your whims and fancies. There are lot of options available in terms of clothes, accessories, makeup and facial looks. To be more specific they are dress, chain, Eyebrow, eyeshadow, eyelash, eye lens, rouge, lips and face. Girls can use their creativity and see the different looks of the character, while mix and matching them. They can experiment a lot and have fun. Actually they would love to play this game so they can live their fantasies through the character.

The best part is that to enjoy it and many other games on t he Internet, one need not worry about the money to be spent on them. There are a number of portals which provide free online games.

So, all you game lovers, have unlimited fun, while playing these interesting games and that too for free.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haunted Hybrid Game Review

Almost everyone in their childhood have heard about fairy tale, and have enjoyed a lot listening to it! So how about get in touch with a haunting witch? Well.. this game gives you a break to get around with haunted witch.

Haunted Hybrid

Haunted Hybrid game is one of the type of Arcade games. Its an interesting game, The actor of this game is Frieda (a witch)The player has to make use of mouse to fly the witch along the way to destination while overcoming all the obstacles as such the angry bat who will hurt you, you can even shoot him down for extra bonus points and grabbing all the candies for bonus points and the fuel as the pumpkin juice for her hybrid broom. Your score will be shown in score bar,bonus points in bonus bar, fuel capacity in fuel bar and about the Frieda(a witch) health in health bar. Once the game is over you can submit your score with your name and can start playing it again. So guys do not delay and start your fly with a haunting witch.

Guys if you want to play much such games, then you can enter the keyword Online games in web browser and can have fun with plenty of free online games.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China Game Review

Chandni chowk to China, is it a game or a movie? And yes this time it is a complete package of online action game. Name of the game is similar to the name of the movie because the game matches exactly with the theme of the movie and of course the designing will surely make you remember of the movie.

Here in this free online game, character Siddhu Thwart has to complete his journey within the given time and that too he has to cross hurdles and sidestep obstacles within that specified time.

The player needs to move with the help of right arrow keys and can be made to jump using space bar. These free games are more of fun instead of boredom. Players who all are more inclined towards karate will surely enjoy them as usage of more action stunts is used. Different levels are designed for this particular game so that player can easily check out his or her potential.

So all you crazy players out there, give your try to this game too...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Game review: The Endless Zombie Rampage

The emergence of Internet has led the people to entertain themselves by playing free online games. These sources prove to be the best means to entertain people and utilize their free time. People can easily log on to their web browsers and can play the games of their own choice. The Endless Zombie Rampage is a very interesting online action game which thrills people a lot. It is a popular game among the people, especially is a craze among the younger generation.

Action Games

In this online game, a player can play in three modes namely defense, survival and experiment mode. The player can make a choice from these modes and can enjoy the game. For making the movement in the game, the user has to make use of arrow keys. Mouse has to be used for shooting and for changing weapons. The player has to defend itself from the enemies in order to sustain himself in the game and he can collect more powerups and weapons along the way by getting more kills in the game.

The game has attractive looks and graphics which really fascinates people a lot. The game is a complete package for the entertainment of people. The player enjoys the game with full ease and wishes to become a high scorer of the game.

So keep enjoying with an amazing action game.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Make Strategy with Brick Breaker Game

Brick breaker is a very new and an interesting free online game which a person can play by using good Internet connection. People play these games with full enthusiasm and they have the zeal to play more and more of such games through the gaming portals which are available on the Internet. The user has to just log on to their web browsers to entertain themselves.

Strategy Game

This game has awesome 3D graphics with good audible facility. The game includes original gimmicks and weapons along with bonus weapons to play. The player has to make some strategies while playing this strategy game. He has to see that in which direction he has to hit the ball so that the game does not get discontinue.

This game has very good concept and it is really simple to understand the game just by having a single look onto the instructions page. The player is given four chances to play such an interesting game in order to be a high scorer of the game. If one is not able to continue, the game gets over and he has to try again.

So people what are you waiting for go and play such an amazing game.

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