Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sort My Tiles: Mind Refreshing Puzzle Game Review

Kids games make us remember those days when we used to play those puzzle games in which we used to arrange those cards to give them a final required look. It involved a lot of bursting of minds, same is the case with these children games when played online.

In this game, player has to pick up a particular tile by pressing the red button and place it in a correct place, until and unless player place it in a write position next tile will not come out. So it becomes necessary for the player to concentrate on the given picture.

Here in Sort My Tiles game beautiful combination of penguins need to be arranged by the player. Portion which is shown dark blue and which is light blue, makes it easier for the player to differentiate between the sorted tiles and unsorted ones. Concept is being taken uniquely different which can easily capture the interest of the players in solving this puzzle game.

So all you crazy gamers out there, try to boggle your mind in arranging this set of penguins.

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