Monday, July 27, 2009

School Bus Frenzy: Game Review

There are many exciting online action games available. Game developers try to get the attention of the users by inventing interesting games. It seems that they get their inspiration from our daily lives too. School bus Frenzy is one such game. In this game you have to make the kids cross the road to board the school bus. A challenge which most of the parents face everyday, thanks to the huge traffic.

It can be played in two modes- Arcade and Survival mode. The player needs to bring two kids in the stationary bus on the opposite side of the road. The Instructions are easy to follow. One has to use the mouse to move the kids. One can also earn points by kicking the Brigadier. In the survival mode, there is no limit on the time frame of the game and the number of kids. But the kids have to be brought safely, without being hit by the vehicles on the road.

There is a variety of free online games available on a number of websites. One can play them in their spare time and virtually escape from our mundane lives. There is one more reason to rejoice as these games are available free of cost.

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