Friday, July 24, 2009

Made yourself Adventure with Fanta Dash

Fanta DashToday is the age of marketing. If a product is marketed well it definitely increases revenue of the seller. One such game is Fanta Dash – an free adventure game promoted by a cold drink manufacturing company.

It is a game which helps to relive childhood fantasies of sailing through the air sitting on a prop. In this game there is a fanta bottle and you need to shake the bottle to gain maximum power to sail smoothly through the air. Then you have to aim the bottle very fast to have the best angle to race through the air. One needs to collect the bottle click on them so that on can use them for gaining speed. There are a number of obstacles which one has to cross to successfully complete the game.

There are a number of websites which enable the users to play a number of free games. There are various categories of games such as action games, card games and many more. Adventure games are one of the most sought after games on the net. Children and adults also love to play these games, as they are thrilling and exciting. These games are a good source of entertainment.

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