Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Diwali: An Online Game Specially Designed For Kids

Happy Diwali is an online game which has been specially designed for the kids who love to collect sweets because this games gives them the same opportunity at large to fill up their empty baskets with a lot of eatables and sweets but on computer through the mouse and a couple of clicks. To play this game the player has to move their mouse and as many sweets are collected by the player the number of points increase . It would be better if the player avoids the stop sign.
Happy Diwali Online Games
The main target audience of this game is kids because the game has been designed specially by keeping the sensibility of children in mind . In a particular visual on your screen the player would have a complete black sky with an empty brown basket and with lots of crackers in the sky which are visually appealing. This game is available on many entertainment portals specially because of the Diwali seasons and it is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to play and even download free games.
Happy Diwali Free Games
It is very important to go through all the instructions while playing the game because it will help the player to clear almost all the levels and achieve the highest score. It is one of the most finest online arcade games therefore enjoy and have fun by playing, downloading many online games.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ragdoll Canon2 – A Sequel To Ragdoll Cannon Game

With People getting more tech savvy, it has increased the demand of online games. Many games have associated with online communities, making online games a form of social activity beyond single player game, although single player games are quite common as well. Rag doll Canon is one of such game which includes 17 plays. The game is all about shooting the Ragdoll guys from the canon. The player will have to hit the target to go to the next level. This game has 70 levels with new styles at every 20th level. In this action game, the player has to make as little shoots as a possible, like we do in Golf. This game is a sequel to Rad Goll cannon game.

Ragdoll Cannon 2

In this game, the user can find some very interesting graphics and one will be able to try some new levels. To shoot the Rag doll from a particular cannon to move on to the next level, player should try to hit little shots because it enables him to play the next level nicely. This game is developed by Johny K and is one of the most highly played and viewed game on on all the gaming portals. One interesting thing about this game is that all the & 0 levels have something new and challenging. This game is available on many websites and can be played as a guest player and even can be downloaded hence have a glimpse of online action games and have fun by clearing all the levels and download free online games and make the most of it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Old Poker - Play Online At Koffii

It is basically a game of 5 studs and has lot many unexpected twists which will entertain the audience and will help them to know about the game a little better. To start the game one has to choose for any of the desired characters and one thing which will arouse the interest of every upcoming player would be the different and special characteristics of all the characters in the game. The total round is of 15 hands and the main aim of this game is to find the best score which amounts to a lot of money in the .

As mentioned that every character has distinct features and these features can be easily utilized to cheat in the game. The one bar which is the largest is the Confidence one because of its capacity to load 10% of the hands as well as 35% when you actually win it.

This game is generally available on many of the entertainment portals for free where one can easily register as a guest player and play the game for the time he or she desires. It is important for every user to go through the instructions and how every tool and key would be used in the game. It is one of the best online flash games in the market and can also be downloaded through many websites. Hence enjoy free online games, have fun with it and make the most of it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pixel Field Perfect Pi Pack

Pixel field Perfect Pi pack is an online strategy games and action game designed for the users specially for those who love o have a glimpse of action on their computer screens while playing video games. The new soundtrack has been added with the 3o new levels. Int this game maneuver who is the protagonist(player) which is a red triangle base which will collect blue pixels which help the the player to move towards the can. In both the versions of the game which are original pack and perfect pi pack, both of them have 6 levels and with the movement on every level without being hurt you tend to remove the mask of the mystery on another level of the game.

The look of the game is very pleasant and all the effects does not disturb the player but help to understand the game better. This game is available on many websites and allows the users to register themselves as guest players which entitles them to play and enjoy the online action games and have a high packed action on their computer screens therefore enjoy free games, online games and have fun with the latest flash games which entitles the player to have a glimpse of some new applied tools and levels.

Astra Squad - One Of The Finest Arcade Games

Astra Squad - online arcade game
Play Astra Squad Online At Koffii .com

Astra squad is one of the finest arcade games in the market these days and is one of the best online shooting games in the recent time. It is adventurous and gives the opportunity to a regular player to explore something new every time. It is a spaceship game which entitles the player to build up his own spaceship and gives the opportunity to build it up more then 3000 times which itself is quite different on contrary to the other arcade games. The player will be given an option to choose the tools to clear the various levels of which includes 4 galaxies and twenty missions. To play this game nicely and to clear all the important levels, it is very important to go through all the instructions provided in the menu and properly learn about the how the keys on the keyboard will be used.

The three keys which are really important in this game, one would be the space bar through which fire can be controlled, through B the user has to use the bombs available and movements keys for moving in the desired directions. This game is an action game and has been introduced under flash technology and is available on many entertainment and gaming portals free of cost. Therefore enjoy free flash games with some more extra special effects and apply the tools properly to complete every level.
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