Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pixel Field Perfect Pi Pack

Pixel field Perfect Pi pack is an online strategy games and action game designed for the users specially for those who love o have a glimpse of action on their computer screens while playing video games. The new soundtrack has been added with the 3o new levels. Int this game maneuver who is the protagonist(player) which is a red triangle base which will collect blue pixels which help the the player to move towards the can. In both the versions of the game which are original pack and perfect pi pack, both of them have 6 levels and with the movement on every level without being hurt you tend to remove the mask of the mystery on another level of the game.

The look of the game is very pleasant and all the effects does not disturb the player but help to understand the game better. This game is available on many websites and allows the users to register themselves as guest players which entitles them to play and enjoy the online action games and have a high packed action on their computer screens therefore enjoy free games, online games and have fun with the latest flash games which entitles the player to have a glimpse of some new applied tools and levels.

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