Thursday, October 22, 2009

Astra Squad - One Of The Finest Arcade Games

Astra Squad - online arcade game
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Astra squad is one of the finest arcade games in the market these days and is one of the best online shooting games in the recent time. It is adventurous and gives the opportunity to a regular player to explore something new every time. It is a spaceship game which entitles the player to build up his own spaceship and gives the opportunity to build it up more then 3000 times which itself is quite different on contrary to the other arcade games. The player will be given an option to choose the tools to clear the various levels of which includes 4 galaxies and twenty missions. To play this game nicely and to clear all the important levels, it is very important to go through all the instructions provided in the menu and properly learn about the how the keys on the keyboard will be used.

The three keys which are really important in this game, one would be the space bar through which fire can be controlled, through B the user has to use the bombs available and movements keys for moving in the desired directions. This game is an action game and has been introduced under flash technology and is available on many entertainment and gaming portals free of cost. Therefore enjoy free flash games with some more extra special effects and apply the tools properly to complete every level.

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