Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Escape Music Class: Game Review

Escape Music Class is an online adventure game which will certainly remind you of the same class you always wished you could avoid. This free flash game is easy to play. You only require your mouse to play and do not have to use the keyboard. To proceed with the game you just have to click on the objects around the class to make events happen. Some events can be initiated by clicking on two or more different objects, some objects will get stored in the inventory panel.

You can click on these objects to use them. You can notice that the first level of the Escape Music Class game features a split screen, if you play on one screen then other stays frozen till you have completed your task. Just hit the right notes to get away from this music hell. If you try to reach the door of the classroom, the strict teacher will bring you back. So, be careful, she will twist your ear hard.

The amazing world of Internet provides games of all kinds and that too for free, There are free adventure games, action, shooting, arcade and many more. Therefore, get ready to explore exciting online games without spending a single penny.

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