Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Blocktion is a free online game and will be a subject of great interest who love to play board game. The board shown in the game is a 9*9 grid and on it letters will be placed and the letters are on the blue tiles. These tiles will appear one at a time and will automatically follow the mouse. You have to decide where to drop them on the board.

Once a letter appears it will start to fall onto the board. An example is also given of the alphabet 'A' and it shown larger in size because it has just appeared. As soon as it falls on the board, it automatically shrinks until it looks like the letter 'I' next to it. The left shows the next letter that will appear after the previous one. There is also a 'gameplay note' in this online flash game which says , ' Don't let one letter drop onto the another one.

The falling letter will move to a 'Random' spot.' Then you have move and drop the letters to make words which should be of minimum three letters. If the game finds a word, it will play a chime and highlight the letters. To proceed, click on the word to clear off the board and earn points. Click away from the word to leave the letters on the board. Blocktion can be played in the free mode and the challenge mode for more fun and varied gameplay.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jet Ski Rush

Do you love skiing and have the heart to beat the high tides? Then Jet Ski Rush is the perfect online flash game for you. Enjoy a mindblowing race with this one of the best online racing games, which will leave you asking for more. The instructions are very simple and to cross the finish line ,use the up and down arrow keys to speed up and down respectively.

To swerve left and right, use the left and right arrow keys and make your way through the waves to reach the finish line. But you have to do so within the time frame given and beat all your competitors who are trying to get ahead of you. You have to be alert all the time as this game requires great presence of mind and will eventually help you in sharpening your thinking ability.

Jet Ski Rush has all the elements of fun and if you are a beach person and like to play with the clean blue waters, then you will definitely love this game. It has amazing visuals and the animation will make you feel as if you are actually driving through the water. So, gear up to play this game and show your racing skills and win it by touching the finish line before anyone does.

Monday, February 22, 2010


There are various kinds of games available on Internet that develop your various qualities. Online shooting games make your aim perfect. People always crave for latest shooting games to take a test of their shooting skills. You don't need costly arrangements and shooting equipments to sharpen your aim or to test your shooting skills.

Simply log into Internet, you will find many free shooting games available on various sites. One such shooting game that allows you to make your aim perfect is 'Screwed'. Rules of game are very simple. Take aim with your mouse and make pairs of three or more alike balls. Finish all the balls on board and proceed to next level. Let's have a look on functions of different balls. Bomb ball destroys balls. Reverse ball bring balls back. Wall ball stops movement of balls for sometime.

Black hole ball absorbs few balls. Use different balls in right way so that you very soon cross the first level. Every time you are able to make group of three or more balls, you score points. If you shoot with dexterity you also earn bonus points. With increasing level, the game will become tougher. Play this game once to enjoy the excitement of shooting.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building Destroyer

People like to play free online games. Online action games set your brain on fire and you have some rocking entertaining moments. With these action games, you forget every stress of your life and have some great moments.

Building Destroyer is a fantastic action game. You are given a crane which gets equipped with various destroying tools. The Crane when gets equipped with hitting ball can turn buildings and sky scrapping monuments into rubbles. The crane equipped with pulling jacks can pull any massive object and building and can tear it apart into pieces. This is a very rocking free online game. A person can have a lot of fun playing this game with his friends. With every target you hit, you score points. If you are able to cross a mark of score within a limited time, you get bonus points.

The game starts with a crane having a hitting ball into action. Use mouse to make balls hit target. Keep on hitting targets strongly and swiftly increasing your score. When you complete this phase, you come into another round. In this round you have a pulling jack at the end of the string which is capable to pull anything. You make scores while placing jacks at right places. You can submit your score by entering your name and compare it with already submitted scores by other players.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Gaga in Concert

Lady Gaga in Concert is a free online game based on the pop icon Lady Gaga who is an immensely popular singer and musician. Her outfits are known to be very stylish and outrageous. It is one of the latest dress up games, that players will find very interesting.

The character has to be dressed up in different attires and people who love fashion will like this game too, especially young girls who love to dress up. In fact they can get various ideas for themselves as the Mix n' Match exercise will give them enough time to explore creativity. It is a very simple game and only the mouse is needed to play it.

Whatever dress and the accessory you like, you just need to click on it and you can give the girl a complete makeover in terms of various fashionable dresses. You can also take a 'hint' from the game itself, where it will show the girl in different looks and you can choose from it and decide which look you want to give the girl and dress her up for the concert.
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