Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building Destroyer

People like to play free online games. Online action games set your brain on fire and you have some rocking entertaining moments. With these action games, you forget every stress of your life and have some great moments.

Building Destroyer is a fantastic action game. You are given a crane which gets equipped with various destroying tools. The Crane when gets equipped with hitting ball can turn buildings and sky scrapping monuments into rubbles. The crane equipped with pulling jacks can pull any massive object and building and can tear it apart into pieces. This is a very rocking free online game. A person can have a lot of fun playing this game with his friends. With every target you hit, you score points. If you are able to cross a mark of score within a limited time, you get bonus points.

The game starts with a crane having a hitting ball into action. Use mouse to make balls hit target. Keep on hitting targets strongly and swiftly increasing your score. When you complete this phase, you come into another round. In this round you have a pulling jack at the end of the string which is capable to pull anything. You make scores while placing jacks at right places. You can submit your score by entering your name and compare it with already submitted scores by other players.

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