Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fast Flood

Fast flood is an online flash game which users will love to play. Basically, it is an area of blocks with a replacement color so that three or more same colored blocks can be connected. To start with the player needs to click with the mouse on the target block.

All the blocks that are connected to the start node by a path of a target color will automatically change to the replacement color. After that the flooding will extend to all the four directions like up, down, left and right. After the flooding is over, it is absolutely necessary that at least one similar colored block remains connected to the flood area to score points.

Similarly, if the player wants to score more points he has to the more blocks should be flooded and should be connected to the flooded area immediately. But beware , players need to take some precautions as the game will get over as soon as the time for clicking on a target block elapses or if the total flooded area consists of less than three same colored blocks. So, if you ever wish to play free online games, do play 'Fast Flood' as it is a good brain exercise and also provides a great deal of entertainment. The challenge in the game lies in the fact that as the player continues to play the game by clicking on the blocks, more new colors appear and the time to click on the target block reduces simultaneously.

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