Friday, August 29, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The famous movie was sure a treat to sore eyes. The characters of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner depicted the proper images of the good old pirates. Apart from this, the whole construction of the movie was magnificent and majestic. The game as far as I am concerned is also an effective and efficient time out for anybody. This is one of the latest free online games that has hit the online game industry and has already the maximum number of players engaged in playing it.

The game has the gamers controlling a ship which goes around and around in a whirlpool and the players have to rescue five lost souls at a time. They have to save a maximum of 100 souls. They also have to pick up barrels of ammunition. This is used to fire at Krakan – the squid like creature which appears at the centre of the funnel in the whirlpool.

I played this game in my brother's house and this is one of the best games in the market. The controls are important and the major reasons for this is that the overall motive of the game is simple and the game-play is just too easy.

Hence I became the pirate and gave commands to my mates in the old rag torn 'Black Pearl' and fired many a cannonballs towards the horrible squid. Then I also pulled up lots of souls from the black waters and hence had a really great time in playing this game. Hence this is one the good online games that I have played up till now.

Then there are also the graphics which are good. Since this belongs to the genre of online games, the loading time of this game is also quite quick and one isn't required to wait too long for the game to start. This makes the interest to play the game grow and the game also further heightens the playing experience. Hence this game is thus very interesting and the experience to play the game grows in intensity as the time we play it gets longer. There are many free online games in the market today but this is perhaps the best of them since it doesn't take to long to load and the game is also not prone to hanging while the gamer is playing this game.

Therefore this game is a decent one and is also a welcome addition in the world of free online games, and there is so much to discover in this game even though the storyboard of this game is simple.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blood Omen 2 - The new World of Exciting Artificiality

One of the latest multiplayer games in the market today is the blood omen 2. This is fantastic game which has been developed by crystal dynamics and is the latest product in the legacy of Kain series. Released on Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube, this is one of the most interesting games that I have played till date. The game which has my favourite character Kain fighting the evil is one super pastime. My brother told me about this game and when we played the game at his house, it was just a wonderful experience altogether.

Thus I became the vampire and sought out on my journey to rule the state of Nosgoth. I had to watch my back too being the only survivor of the 'Circle of Nine' and the guardian of the 'Pillar of Balance'. The gameplay is good and the controls are quite easy to master given the fact that I was playing this game for the first time. The characters look fantastic on screen and when you play this game its like you have taken on a fabulous journey of surprises and challenges. The environment is good and the castles, the characters display an advanced form of animation. The sounds also feel nice on the ear drums. Therefore this game which is one the latest multiplayer games is quite a good adventure game as well.

The 'Dark Gifts' are quite interesting. The powers of mist and fury of Kain are very good and when I used it the graphics were just too good and the sound awesome. Then the other powers of the other characters look good too and the overall feel of the game is nice.

We had a great time by playing this game and I ended up staying at my brother's place for 3 hours. The plan was to pay him a visit for about 30 minutes. Therefore anybody who is thinking about whether this game is worth the effort or not would be at ease as this is worth every buck you have to shell out. Hence this game is therefore a good experience and a terrific one too. Hence this is one of the best online games in the market today.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hunter: The Reckoning - Distinctly Mind-Blowing!

X-Box creates a milestone since the release of the fresh fever of the season- Hunter: The Reckoning. As a fervent gamer, I own an X-BOX game console and I certainly am quite fond of the device as it intensifies the fun and the feel of the game manifold.

It is worth admitting that I had been into online gaming for a decade and during this period my inclination has always been towards dark and creepy games depicting a Gothic backdrop. Hunter: The Reckoning is one from that genre. The H:TR is the first ever Resident Evil style game on the X-BOX. This game takes you on a journey full of inexplicable, intriguing fun. The interface is so dark and eerie that it can give you creeps at some stages. The spine chilling ancient backdrop with sinister creatures adds to the horror.

H:TR runs on the lines of White Wolf Publishing pen & paper role-playing World of Darkness Hunter cosmos. The electrocution and execution of the murderer Nathaniel Arkady in the prison town Ashcroft gives the story a tremendous start. The inhabitants of the town are totally stranger to the fact that the penitentiary is secretly run by vampires who feed on the prisoners and use them for gruesome experiments. The Hunters who play a heroic part in the game are the only ones who can spot the creatures of the dark and destroy them. The souls of the dead prisoners lash out to seek vengeance and in the process kill many of the other living prisoners.

You get to choose from four main characters Avenger (Spenser “Deuce” Wyatt), Defender (Samantha Alexander), Martyr (Kassandra Cheyung), and Judge (Father Esteban Cortez). All of them are eyewitness of Arkady's execution and discover that they are the Hunters and hence the responsibility of eliminating the nightmarish creatures lies on their shoulders. They manage to take a narrow escape from the prison.

After a year, a rave party at the prison wakes up those ghastly creatures and the souls of the prison. Now your part comes into play. Cross the 23 bloodcurdling stages of horror and mystery to free the city from the upcoming danger. The meek inhabitants of the town are totally unaware of the mishaps in the prison. Your mission gets accomplished when you send the satanic creatures back to where they belong.

In all, the gratification which this free online games gives at the completion of each stage is beyond explanation.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Finally, wait ends here and we are ready to play Beijing Olympics 2008. But the game kills the eager and not so as expected. Sega tried to encash the Olympics fever but i think it'll not cover the expected market.

With the Olympics being such a grand affair, the game includes 38 events set across 10 sports. If you follow any of the main events then chances are they're included, but if you watch the Olympics for the football and tennis, look elsewhere. The majority on offer here are score or time based, but a few almost random events have been thrown in to spice things up a little. All the action is beautifully presented, which almost distracts from the game's biggest flaw: It's very difficult. "Beijing" starts you off with ridiculously weak characters (considering they're supposed to be Olympic-caliber athletes), and it takes a long time to build them up to a competitive level. That's OK if you're playing with friends and everyone's sluggish, but the single-player mode is bound to frustrate all but the most dedicated Olympics followers. One-and-a-half stars out of four.

Beijing 2008 uses some rather unorthodox controls, so once you've picked your sport and nation, your first point of call will be to check out the training mode. As you move between sports you'll notice some repetition in the way events are handled from a control standpoint, but given the sheer breadth of choice of sports available, you'll want to watch the tutorial at least once before you attempt having a go. Athletic sprint events use either a rapidly waggled left or right analog stick, or A and B alternating button press combo to build up speed. It can get a bit rough on the wrists and fingers, and we see the potential for a controller or two getting busted along the way given the speed at which you'll need to mash or waggle to be competitive against the game's AI.

At the moment Olympic fever hasn't really hit, yet we're still quite partial to a few sprint races in the office during our lunch break. Once the big event starts in August, being able to take part in the events from the comfort of your living room will be even more enticing. Make no bones about it, Beijing 2008 isn't doing anything all that new, but there's just something undeniably addictive about going for high scores and fastest times. If you've got an urge to twiddle an analogue stick faster than any human knew was possible you can do a lot worse.

There are some events that are utterly impossible even after you learn the necessary strategies and level up your athlete. Kayak is a cruel joke. You have no control over your tiny watercraft. Even if you somehow manage to pass through the appropriate gate, the game often won't register your success. Table tennis is just as pointless. Your giant body covers up an insanely high percentage of the table, making it impossible to see the ball if it's coming directly at you. A higher camera angle or translucent character would have fixed this problem, but in its current form, it's painfully bad.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kneel to be "Supreme Commander"

My Exprience with this game is quite gud but it's pretty tough to have control over this game.
There have been very few concessions made to create a more accessible strategy experience on a console - everything is pretty much as complicated as it's PC brother. As a result, unless you're willing to put in the time to really learn what you're doing - at least 2 to 8 hours to get up to speed - there's no point in even trying because the amount of frustration will likely be too much to counter any fun you might be able to wring out of the game.

Steep hardware requirements; large battles can bring the most powerful systems to their knees.

For those of you unfamiliar with Supreme Commander, it's pretty straightforward. Think of your regular old RTS games like Commander and Conquer or Starcraft. Now multiply that by a factor of 10. Everything in this game is big: the weapons, the maps, the unit cap, even the system resources. And as we know, bigger is always better.

It's time to fire with big guns Hunny!!

Case in point: the experimental weapons. Each faction has three unique weapons of mass destruction that represent the pinnacle of the respective faction's technological abilities. The unique abilities of each experimental unit not only grant you an immense edge in battle, but they also allow you to personalize your play style.

Of course, a few jumbo-sized offensive weapons isn't all Supreme Commander has to offer; it's also the sheer number of units that can duke it out at once that sets it apart. Up to 500 units per side can be produced and fought in battle, meaning combat can be intense and protracted, but also a hell of a lot of fun, given you have the resources to build so much.

A Big Fight..

At the highest detail levels, Supreme Commander is incredible to look at. Seeing dozens, if not hundreds, of air, land, and naval units battling onscreen is amazing, and large battles are littered with smoke trailers, particle effects, and explosions. Meanwhile, watching a nuclear detonation slowly expand, with the shock wave destroying everything in its path and setting off a chain reaction, is bliss.

Even more impressive is the ability to pull the camera back far enough to see the entire battlefield. Limited zoom has always been one of the primary frustrations in many RTS games, because you never could feel like you were getting a grasp on the battlefield. But in Supreme Commander, you can pull the zoom back far enough and feel like you're really sitting back in a command bunker somewhere as you watch the military icons that represent your units move and fight onscreen. If you have two monitors, you can keep one zoomed in on the action while the other gives you the strategic view, and it's very cool, though you'll need a fairly advanced video card to support it. The good news is that if you have just one monitor, you can do a split-screen view with one half zoomed on the action and the other giving you the strategic view.
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