Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blood Omen 2 - The new World of Exciting Artificiality

One of the latest multiplayer games in the market today is the blood omen 2. This is fantastic game which has been developed by crystal dynamics and is the latest product in the legacy of Kain series. Released on Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube, this is one of the most interesting games that I have played till date. The game which has my favourite character Kain fighting the evil is one super pastime. My brother told me about this game and when we played the game at his house, it was just a wonderful experience altogether.

Thus I became the vampire and sought out on my journey to rule the state of Nosgoth. I had to watch my back too being the only survivor of the 'Circle of Nine' and the guardian of the 'Pillar of Balance'. The gameplay is good and the controls are quite easy to master given the fact that I was playing this game for the first time. The characters look fantastic on screen and when you play this game its like you have taken on a fabulous journey of surprises and challenges. The environment is good and the castles, the characters display an advanced form of animation. The sounds also feel nice on the ear drums. Therefore this game which is one the latest multiplayer games is quite a good adventure game as well.

The 'Dark Gifts' are quite interesting. The powers of mist and fury of Kain are very good and when I used it the graphics were just too good and the sound awesome. Then the other powers of the other characters look good too and the overall feel of the game is nice.

We had a great time by playing this game and I ended up staying at my brother's place for 3 hours. The plan was to pay him a visit for about 30 minutes. Therefore anybody who is thinking about whether this game is worth the effort or not would be at ease as this is worth every buck you have to shell out. Hence this game is therefore a good experience and a terrific one too. Hence this is one of the best online games in the market today.

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