Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two ODIs Are Called Off As Mumbai Burns On

After a continuous 5-0 victory streak of India over England, the rest of the ODIs got cancelled and the two test series will take place in the next month as per the schedule. This announcement is presently the hottest cricket news all over the world. This decision was taken immediately after a series of terror attacks in Mumbai. Both, the BCCI and ECB have finalised these facts in a statement to the media. This is a sad news for the test cricket fans and they have to be endured as the globally known city Mumbai, is suffering from the killer terror attacks. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain and his team members still cannot believe that the on-going match series has been called off. Many Indian Newspapers quoted his uncomfortable words as Dhoni latest updates.

On the other hand, the cricket team of England is flying back home as it was advised by the ECB. Security should always be given preference and so, the ongoing match was called off. Cricket fans need to hold their patience till the next month. The rest of the ODIs which were supposed to be played in Bhubaneshwar and Guwahati are cancelled. However, the two-test series are still scheduled for 11th and 16th December. The venue for 11th December first test series is Ahmedabad and for the latter one is Mumbai. Hope till then, Mumbai recovers from the remorseful terror attacks.

Cricket fans are blaming the Country's security leaders as India's reputed hotels located in Mumbai fell under the plot of terrorists. Cricket news is describing sad opinions of cricket fans. It seems that terrorists are getting stronger over Indian security department. Terror attacks are not new in India. These have been happening for many years. It was not so long that a couple of Indian cities were regaining from fierce terror attacks, but at present it's Mumbai which is catching on fire. Strong comprehended security steps have to be taken immediately or the worst things might get accelerated further. Let's hope for good consequences, till the residents in Mumbai feel safer and the Indian cricket grounds turn greener. Whatever be the present height of cricket match, security of both the England and Indian cricket players has to be implemented at the earliest.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chrono Trigger : Game Review

There are many wonderful games available on many online gaming websites and fantastic video-gaming consoles. All of these games are capable of being used in an effective way for passing time. Fantasy games are turning out to be some of the most effective examples that can be given. Reviews are very useful for gamers to have an idea about any particular game. The Chrono Trigger review is able to explain the beauty of this game and also its fabulous features.

Most of the 'review-handling' websites have this particular review. This is due to the fact that this review is one of the latest game reviews that has been conducted. There is no difficulty for the user in the task of locating the Chrono Trigger review and then reading it.
Chrono Trigger: Free Online Games
The story of this game is just like any other fantasy story with a kingdom in trouble and a mighty warrior who is supposed to kill all the villains and save this kingdom.

There are many good features present in this marvellous free online game. The combat system gives the feature of innovation to the gamer. The story itself can see its end in fourteen different ways. The music of this game is perhaps, one of the best with a fabulous soundtrack. This soundtrack is absolutely wonderful to hear and gives a sense of being haunted around.

The characters in this game are all well known. The overall features of this game are also very good. Hence, the skill of the gamer is tested in this game. His creativity is also tested as is his thinking ability.

The gamer who like to play fantasy games should certainly play this one. The reasons are explained in the Chrono Trigger review. These reasons are experienced as the gamer starts to play the game.

Hence, the fun and the entertainment increases with the gamer going through each level and reaches its maximum point when the gamer moves on to the final level.

The magnificence of this game is explained in the fact that gamers normally don't find it boring to play this game frequently even after they have gone through all the levels.

Hence, it is certainly advisable to read the Chrono trigger review in order to truly understand the fantastic features of this game. This task is not a difficult one due to two reasons. The first one is that this game review is one of the latest game reviews. The second one is that this review is present on most of the websites which are dealing with gaming reviews.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The fun of playing 'MMO' games with the pleasure being magnified

Multi-player games are played by everyone today. One of their popular versions are massively multi-player games. These games are quite popular due to their wonderful features.

Many reviews have been made about the 'MMO' games with some of the latest game reviews being some of the best. All these reviews reveal something new and wonderful about massively multi-player games.
Massively Multiplayer Games
There have been many online games in the market which have been able to amass a lot of popularity. All of these games are adored by players all over the world. A lot of time is normally spent in the act of playing these games.

The number of players who are involved in multi-player games is normally 'one', which crosses millions. Gamers compete and play with each other in all the fantastic levels of these games.

Most of the massively multi-player games that are being created, have been done so in a fantastic manner. Most of these games are able to harbor the enjoyment of all those who play them.

The stories of these games have the feature of being quite elaborate and also fantastic. In fact, some of the games are inspired from movies. Hence, one of the frequently played 'MMO' games is the 'Lord of the Rings Online'.

If a gamer is interested to know about the fun derived from playing online games then he should certainly read some of the latest game reviews. Most of these reviews are able to provide news about what is going on in the field of massively multi-player games.

These games can also be played using gaming consoles apart from computers. They are also available in many genres as well. Hence, there are games which are based on racing while there are some which are strategy games.

Enjoyment is the common feature of massively multi-player games. Even if the genre is different, there is a common aspect of brilliance about all of these games.

The technologies being used in the making of these games are extremely advanced. These technologies are able to make 'MMO' games capable of handling lots of players at the same time. All of the gamers of these games desire an overall quality. Hence, the performance of these games have to be quite excellent.

The massive appeal of massively multi-player games is an evidence of the success of their main purpose. These games are turning out to be quite popular. Millions of games play these games and have lots of fun.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lara Croft is coming to invade your household in Tomb Raider Underworld

Angelina Jolie is back in her avatar of 'Tomb Raider'. No, I am not talking about the pouting beauty's upcoming film, but the game 'Tomb Raider Underworld'. Inspired from a movie of the same name minus the word 'Underworld' (although, 'Underworld' too was a Hollywood film about vampires which starred 'Kate Beckinsale') which had the Brad Pitt's present better-half playing the lead, this game vouchsafes the player to delve into the deep dark world of the 'Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider'.

Like the film too, 'Tomb Raider Underworld' game too has added a whole new chapter to the gaming world, but with a difference. Yes, strictly meant for players dying to experience the lethal combination of thrill and action in one single attempt, 'Tomb Raider Underworld' surpasses every set of expectations of its players with ease. Like the name suggests, this time the backdrop of the game is bit more dark and more realistic. However, the background locations and graphics used are A-grade. The level of graphic violence too seems quite surrealistic, which definitely is a better sign for the gaming industry.

Acts like acrobatic manoeuvres, racing on bike through the outdoor locales like temples, snowy temples and underwater diving are something that beside flummoxing players, emerges as high points of this stunning game. Even the challenges are new and so are the situations that keeps players on the edge of their seat. Lara as a suave gaming character excels in every department, whether it is about exuding sexiness or portraying her impressive athletic ability in overcoming the challenges. Unsteady cam effect with a 'film' like photography is simply amazing and keeps players riveted throughout their outing in the centre as 'Lara'. A marked improvement from its predecessor version, 'Tomb Raider Underworld' comes out as a complete action game that has the much-needed panache.

The fact that many Online gaming portals have given highly positive games' reviews about this game is more than enough to judge its worthiness for a gamer, who does not like to reconsider his purchase decision, related with this game. This clearly speaks much about the popularity of this game among the gamers fraternity.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Xbox 360 games: Simply termed as exceptional

Gaming stations are the latest craze of the people these days. If fact, the gaming consoles exhibit attractive animations and graphics which appear to be very appealing to the gamers. These factors even enhance the interactivity factor. It is always a good option to utilize the leisure time in doing something constructive. Thus, the gaming stations have opened up new horizons of exclusive entertainment.

Now, concentrating on Xbox 360 this high-tech gaming console has been designed and crafted by the Microsoft corporation. This extraordinary gadget has been specially designed to give tough competition to the most popular PlayStation of Sony. With this Xbox the Microsoft elegantly made its presence felt in the market. In terms of weight this widget would never bother you with its bulkiness as it boasts of 83 x 309 x 258 mm. Furthermore, this widget weighs just 7.7 lbs. Most importantly the 3D technology brilliantly enhances the gaming actions of this gaming console.

This Xbox gaming system allows the people to access the gaming menus without any hassles as it comes powered by user friendly features. The rechargeable battery of this widget would further allow you to enjoy your gaming sessions at ease. As a matter of fact, when the battery is fully charged you can enjoy unlimited hours of gaming at ease. The 60 GB hard drive would further make your certain tasks easier. In fact, with its enhanced storage capacity, you can comfortably store the numerous online games and even music tracks at ease. Moreover, the enhanced display resolution of this gadget would permit you to master the gaming art at ease. However, you cannot ignore the fact that the selection of Xbox 360 games would also play a significant role in offering you the complete entertainment. In this regard, you cannot compromise on your selection too even though it is quite a tough thing to get the best and the most sought after games. Now, when multiple options are available what stops the people to grab them. In fact, in this case the World Wide Web can prove to be a great support.

When you log onto the websites, you would easily find numerous game related websites. From those websites you without any hassles download your preferred Xbox 360 games such as Alan Wake, Shadowrun, Crackdown, Gears of War, Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham Racing 4 etc., and that too within few minutes. Quite interestingly the free Online games would further add more zeal to your gaming spirit. It can be assured that the Internet can indeed be looked upon as the best platform for getting the most preferred interactive electronic games. Thus, let your mind and heart mingle as these games would definitely give you hundred percent satisfaction at ease.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Rid Of Violent Video Games

Getting rid of violent video games is easy. For this purpose, people need to take a couple of steps which would prevent them from playing such negative video games.

It is impossible that people cannot live without playing video games. Video games have become the most important means of entertainment with which people can get access within the comfort of their homes. Recently, people have started complaining about the disadvantages of video games. These disadvantages focus at the worst effects of violent or negative video games.

All kinds of entertainment means have got their own advantages as well as disadvantages. People can control these disadvantages by taking up a couple of preventive measures. Video games companies prepare video games with respect to specific people belonging to certain age groups. Games which are made for kids should always be played by them. Kids should not try to play adult violent video games.
In the market, people would find different kinds of video games. They should always focus to buy which are non-violent. It has been seen that many kids and adults become the victims of violent video games. Many hospitals and crime branches have reported that many youngsters have been found committing crime after they have been inspired by negative video games. It is the most widely known disadvantage of negative video games. Such games should be curbed down immediately.

These days, there are many online video gaming websites which have violent games in store and these mostly attract kids or youngsters. Parents should not allow their kids to play games on such websites. There are many sites which make gentle and knowledgeable video games. Children should be encouraged to play such games as these games develop their inner talents.

There are many video games websites which offer games news online or free guidance on how to play games online. Such sites should be given preference as other than selling games, these sites also provide free guidance. A video game which has got violent contents in it, would entice players to follow the roles of the negative characters and in real life, players adopt such negative roles leading to crimes as well as violent activities.

Playing a good video game is like reading a good book which would give good knowledge to readers. On the other hand, playing a bad video game is just like reading a negative book which would impart negative impact on the readers. Thus, violent video games should be always curbed down and gentle video games should be given preference.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Glance into the wonder of the past with a game being made in the present

There have been many games which have set a new definition of excellence in gaming in lots of genres all over the world. Most of these games have immortalised their characters like 'Banjo' who is still remembered fondly.

The 'Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts' is quite an interesting peek into the past where games had characters jumping over obstacles and climbing ladders in order to collect shiny objects.

The Nuts & Bolts review gives an idea about the efforts that have been done to create a game which succeeds in bringing the gamer back to the age of aforesaid games, while also including many advanced technologies and many new things to do.

The story is not a discouraging factor at all. The main character 'Banjo' embarks on a journey passing through many fantastic worlds to 'Spiral mountain' on vehicles that he creates along the way. There is also a villain who goes by the name of 'Grunty' and does every feasible misdeed aimed to stop 'Banjo' from reaching his goal.

The vehicle creator in this game is one of the most interesting features. The gamer being able to put together everything starting from a quaint hovercraft to a soaring aeroplane. The display is also quite colourful with lots of detail in terms of the background and the characters themselves.

One common requirement for the gamer would be creativity. This statement is perhaps a major focus of almost all the Nuts & Bolts reviews that have been written. The levels in this game can be won using many different ways depending on the creativity of the user. Therefore, this game is not only fun to play, but is also a 'brain enhancer'. It makes the gamer use his brains (however, there is no need to do an 'in-depth analysis').

Thinking is not the major feature and, therefore, there is no need for the gamer to be alarmed. Only a little bit of thinking and lots of creativity is required to master the levels of this game.

The music of this game is also quite nice and provides a nice add-on source of entertainment.

Most of the major 'online games reviews dealing' websites have a review of this game. The gamer will be able to generate the attraction in himself after reading these reviews. This attraction is sure to turn into pure delight when the gamer actually starts to play this game.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

English team gears up to tackle Tendulkar's challenge

Its a battle for saving honour for Kevin Pietersen and his men when they face the 'men in blue' in their fifth encounter slated to be held at Cuttack on 26 November ,2008. English cricket team has been made to bite the bullet by the Dhoni's boys. A win in tomorrow's game will certainly help English cricket team to salvage their pride to certain extent who right from the onset have looked out of any sorts. On the other hand, Indian cricket team is on a high after registering an emphatic victory over the Englishmen in their last outing in Bangalore. Since then every news channel is airing cricket news bulletin every hour. English team which can count itself 'unlucky' as the rough weather and some inconsistent umpiring did subdue their chances of making a comeback to a large extent. For English team, things can get more complicated with Sachin Tendulkar coming into the picture.

The Master Blaster Tendulkar challenge can prove to be a costly affair for the English bowlers who have already suffered a lot from Yuvraj and company. 2008 has seen some of the brilliant most knocks from the pocket-sized dynamo, including the two back-to-back sizzling innings that cost Australia VB series in their own homeland early this year. Making a comeback to one day affair after a sabbatical, he was unlucky to miss out in Bangalore, but Indian people know, the team knows and most of all England cricket team knows that 'he is due for a big one'.

England cricket team on the other hand would be needing to do something out of the world. Their problems are non-ending as Kevin Pietersen, their captain and ace batsman, is struggling to lift up the sagging shoulders of his team. Andrew Flintoff, though has been quite effective with both bat and ball, but he has been dealt with perfection by Indian team until now. Even the bowling department has been quite erratic. Both James Anderson and Stuart Broad have been patchy, while as far as spin department is concerned, Kevin's decision not to field any spinner on the decent turning tracks has been something that has puzzled lot of people. All in all, after a series win in this bilateral one day cricket affair, Indian team confidence is certainly on a high. However, they will be intending to extend this lead of 4-0 to 7-0, signifying the complete authority over the English cricket team. On the other hand, it is an important chance for English team to redeem their status in World cricket domain.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Become a gamer and a businessman at the same time using the same games

Online games have developed in many ways with gamers becoming more and more oriented towards gaming in more ways than one.

The share market is a financial entity involved in the process of buying and selling of shares, with this process being done either by shareholders themselves or by their brokers.

It has an innovation in the form of the gamers marketplace, which operates on the same process of buying and selling with the entities being gaming assets and the buyers and the sellers being the gamers themselves.

This is a marketplace which handles MMO (Massively multiplayer Online)games with the gamers trading in assets related to MMO games. The assets being traded are things like game guides, power levels, gaming currency and many more things.

MMO games are the advanced versions of multiplayer games. The major feature of these games are that they are able to be played by a huge number of gamers at the same time.

Gamers now have a secure MMO based gaming marketplace which has been set up by PlayerAuctions. This marketplace is quite an useful one for gamers who engage hours in MMO games and seriously do trading of the gaming features.

Some of the latest online games are featured in this gamers marketplace. The gamer is therefore able to buy or sell assets related to games like 'Lord of the Rings online', 'World of Warcraft', 'Final Fantasy XI' and 'Age of Conan'. There are, however many more games which are handled by this marketplace.

There are many differences between the B2C model of this business and the normal B2C model. One of them is the exclusion of any intermediary which leads to the gamers being able to gain higher levels of profits.

This is a gamers marketplace which has hit the roof of success. The figures perhaps put this a bit more clearly. As of July 2007, the total number of members were about 4.5 million with a total of 260 games being supported.

Gamers can therefore make money with this new innovation, apart from playing online games. Experienced traders in this 'marketplace' develop an acute business skill which is quite capable of being useful in other business aspects.

The gamers marketplace, especially this one, is one of the frequently used ones with electronic commerce being given a new and an entertaining meaning.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flash games: The bearer of the torch of excellence in the eras to come

Everything has its present state and also has a future. Online games have their future settled safely into the advanced and, therefore, healthy arms of Flash.

The number of websites having free online games continues to grow with an amazing consistency. The number of games is now becoming harder and harder to estimate. However one technology is slowly making its way into these games by being their basic technology.

Flash games have become the dominant aspect of the online gaming scenario. These games bear features like fantastic and easy to play levels, great sound quality and colourful and mellow graphics. They also take less time to get started. These features have increased their preference remarkably.

Flash games (online ones) are featured on most of the gaming websites. These games are present in each and every feasible genre. Therefore, the technology of Flash is used to make games based on racing, adventure, action, and other innovative categories like Christmas games for example.

These games are the future of free online games. This is evident with more and more gaming websites switching over to Flash based games. This technology has enabled games with features, which were not present in games made using other technologies.

Flash games, online flash games to be more specific, are able to give higher levels of enjoyment and fun to the gamers. The major feature of these games lie not only in their advance features, but also in their habit of being changed.

Every new visit to the same gaming website, brings with it new Flash games for the gamer. Some of them are even made on real events which have taken place in the 'really recent past'.

New movies have their Flash games online within days of the movies getting released. Recent sports matches have their online versions in the form of Flash games being put on the websites, even while the matches are still going on.

Another major feature of free online games made using flash are frequent contests. These contests have fantastic prices like electronic gadgets and even money. The attraction of playing Flash games online is increased due to this factor also.

Innovations have taken place on most of the gaming websites. One of the innovation being done is the redeeming of points being earned according to the scores being made by gamers in different games. These 'points' are given names like 'carrots', 'beens' etc. The higher, the score of the gamer, more is the amount of 'carrots' or 'beens' being earned by him. Some gaming websites give away free gadgets in exchange of these points.

Therefore, the number of gamers playing flash games online is in the process of being increased. The games themselves are becoming more and more advanced in their features which is increasing their appeal to the gamers.
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