Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Become a gamer and a businessman at the same time using the same games

Online games have developed in many ways with gamers becoming more and more oriented towards gaming in more ways than one.

The share market is a financial entity involved in the process of buying and selling of shares, with this process being done either by shareholders themselves or by their brokers.

It has an innovation in the form of the gamers marketplace, which operates on the same process of buying and selling with the entities being gaming assets and the buyers and the sellers being the gamers themselves.

This is a marketplace which handles MMO (Massively multiplayer Online)games with the gamers trading in assets related to MMO games. The assets being traded are things like game guides, power levels, gaming currency and many more things.

MMO games are the advanced versions of multiplayer games. The major feature of these games are that they are able to be played by a huge number of gamers at the same time.

Gamers now have a secure MMO based gaming marketplace which has been set up by PlayerAuctions. This marketplace is quite an useful one for gamers who engage hours in MMO games and seriously do trading of the gaming features.

Some of the latest online games are featured in this gamers marketplace. The gamer is therefore able to buy or sell assets related to games like 'Lord of the Rings online', 'World of Warcraft', 'Final Fantasy XI' and 'Age of Conan'. There are, however many more games which are handled by this marketplace.

There are many differences between the B2C model of this business and the normal B2C model. One of them is the exclusion of any intermediary which leads to the gamers being able to gain higher levels of profits.

This is a gamers marketplace which has hit the roof of success. The figures perhaps put this a bit more clearly. As of July 2007, the total number of members were about 4.5 million with a total of 260 games being supported.

Gamers can therefore make money with this new innovation, apart from playing online games. Experienced traders in this 'marketplace' develop an acute business skill which is quite capable of being useful in other business aspects.

The gamers marketplace, especially this one, is one of the frequently used ones with electronic commerce being given a new and an entertaining meaning.

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