Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two ODIs Are Called Off As Mumbai Burns On

After a continuous 5-0 victory streak of India over England, the rest of the ODIs got cancelled and the two test series will take place in the next month as per the schedule. This announcement is presently the hottest cricket news all over the world. This decision was taken immediately after a series of terror attacks in Mumbai. Both, the BCCI and ECB have finalised these facts in a statement to the media. This is a sad news for the test cricket fans and they have to be endured as the globally known city Mumbai, is suffering from the killer terror attacks. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain and his team members still cannot believe that the on-going match series has been called off. Many Indian Newspapers quoted his uncomfortable words as Dhoni latest updates.

On the other hand, the cricket team of England is flying back home as it was advised by the ECB. Security should always be given preference and so, the ongoing match was called off. Cricket fans need to hold their patience till the next month. The rest of the ODIs which were supposed to be played in Bhubaneshwar and Guwahati are cancelled. However, the two-test series are still scheduled for 11th and 16th December. The venue for 11th December first test series is Ahmedabad and for the latter one is Mumbai. Hope till then, Mumbai recovers from the remorseful terror attacks.

Cricket fans are blaming the Country's security leaders as India's reputed hotels located in Mumbai fell under the plot of terrorists. Cricket news is describing sad opinions of cricket fans. It seems that terrorists are getting stronger over Indian security department. Terror attacks are not new in India. These have been happening for many years. It was not so long that a couple of Indian cities were regaining from fierce terror attacks, but at present it's Mumbai which is catching on fire. Strong comprehended security steps have to be taken immediately or the worst things might get accelerated further. Let's hope for good consequences, till the residents in Mumbai feel safer and the Indian cricket grounds turn greener. Whatever be the present height of cricket match, security of both the England and Indian cricket players has to be implemented at the earliest.

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