Friday, August 22, 2008

Hunter: The Reckoning - Distinctly Mind-Blowing!

X-Box creates a milestone since the release of the fresh fever of the season- Hunter: The Reckoning. As a fervent gamer, I own an X-BOX game console and I certainly am quite fond of the device as it intensifies the fun and the feel of the game manifold.

It is worth admitting that I had been into online gaming for a decade and during this period my inclination has always been towards dark and creepy games depicting a Gothic backdrop. Hunter: The Reckoning is one from that genre. The H:TR is the first ever Resident Evil style game on the X-BOX. This game takes you on a journey full of inexplicable, intriguing fun. The interface is so dark and eerie that it can give you creeps at some stages. The spine chilling ancient backdrop with sinister creatures adds to the horror.

H:TR runs on the lines of White Wolf Publishing pen & paper role-playing World of Darkness Hunter cosmos. The electrocution and execution of the murderer Nathaniel Arkady in the prison town Ashcroft gives the story a tremendous start. The inhabitants of the town are totally stranger to the fact that the penitentiary is secretly run by vampires who feed on the prisoners and use them for gruesome experiments. The Hunters who play a heroic part in the game are the only ones who can spot the creatures of the dark and destroy them. The souls of the dead prisoners lash out to seek vengeance and in the process kill many of the other living prisoners.

You get to choose from four main characters Avenger (Spenser “Deuce” Wyatt), Defender (Samantha Alexander), Martyr (Kassandra Cheyung), and Judge (Father Esteban Cortez). All of them are eyewitness of Arkady's execution and discover that they are the Hunters and hence the responsibility of eliminating the nightmarish creatures lies on their shoulders. They manage to take a narrow escape from the prison.

After a year, a rave party at the prison wakes up those ghastly creatures and the souls of the prison. Now your part comes into play. Cross the 23 bloodcurdling stages of horror and mystery to free the city from the upcoming danger. The meek inhabitants of the town are totally unaware of the mishaps in the prison. Your mission gets accomplished when you send the satanic creatures back to where they belong.

In all, the gratification which this free online games gives at the completion of each stage is beyond explanation.


Free Games said...

It's a nice game. The Xbox should have done a lot better than it did.

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iulia02121 said...

Interesting game :) I'll try also.

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