Monday, February 22, 2010


There are various kinds of games available on Internet that develop your various qualities. Online shooting games make your aim perfect. People always crave for latest shooting games to take a test of their shooting skills. You don't need costly arrangements and shooting equipments to sharpen your aim or to test your shooting skills.

Simply log into Internet, you will find many free shooting games available on various sites. One such shooting game that allows you to make your aim perfect is 'Screwed'. Rules of game are very simple. Take aim with your mouse and make pairs of three or more alike balls. Finish all the balls on board and proceed to next level. Let's have a look on functions of different balls. Bomb ball destroys balls. Reverse ball bring balls back. Wall ball stops movement of balls for sometime.

Black hole ball absorbs few balls. Use different balls in right way so that you very soon cross the first level. Every time you are able to make group of three or more balls, you score points. If you shoot with dexterity you also earn bonus points. With increasing level, the game will become tougher. Play this game once to enjoy the excitement of shooting.

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