Friday, August 28, 2009

Shop Soup: online girlz game requires you to make delicious soup

Shop Soup is free online game, especially meant for girls. This online girlz game requires you to make delicious soup for your customers. You have to prepare it with utmost care and exactly according to their demand. It is termed as a girlz game because of the fact that girls usually like to cook. In Shop Soup, you have to prepare soup with the same enthusiasm. To proceed, firstly you have to click on the plate and soup.

As the customer asks for a particular ingredient, you have to click on them and drag with your mouse. After that add hot water to it along with pepper, mint, corn and place the spoon on it. The spices and the other components are very well described visually. But do not let your efforts go waste and serve it quickly before the customer leaves the shop. But, if you have put the wrong ingredients your customer will refuse to accept it. Then you have to drop the entire preparation in the dustbin.

If you complete the procedure successfully, you can move on to the next level.
One can play girls game on the Internet, as many developers and designers are thinking on these lines.

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