Monday, August 24, 2009

Lococ Hew - Play Free Adventure Games Online

Lococ Hew - Play Adventure Game Online
There are numerous portals which offer a variety of games to the game lovers. Adventure games are becoming a hot favorite among the gamers, because of the fact that it provides a great sense of thrill to the players. Here is one such exciting game-Lococ Hew. It takes to the amusing jungle environment. It has the tribal community as the background.

It requires the player to feed the beefy tribal chief with jungle fruit, To move the characters you have to use the arrow keys and up, down keys to lift and lower the shield. Most of the adventure games use flash technology to visually enhance the appearance of the game. In fact online flash games are the preferred choice of the online gaming community. It has become a sort of trend as almost all the game developers are using this software extensively.

In Lococ Hew also, the graphics are so good that it gives you the feel of a real jungle. To score points you have to make an effort not to drop the fruit(banana) which ids being dropped from the top, and you have to land it in the shield. If you drop it you will not score any thing.

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