Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miniwave - Boat Racing At Its Best Form Ever

Play Adventure Game Miniwave Online

These online games has come up with totally uncomplicated concept of gaming. Moreover all of us have paddled boats in our nearby lakes and in the same way you have to run across your boat before your competitor does.

Page of the game is designed in a zig-zag manner, so arrow keys are used to move the boat in a proper direction. Main part which is to be emphasized is that the player has to maintain a desirable required speed to get a triumph over the competitor. Game is moreover similar to the racing game, just the prop is changed, instead of a car or a bike boat is used to make the game a different in itself.

Miniwave - online adventure games
This racing game is at its best style, so players do not leave the chance and grab the opportunity to prove yourself best among the rest. Flash games are more with the entertainment part instead of using skills, and thats why this is designed keeping the same purpose in minds.

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