Thursday, August 6, 2009

Halloween Adventure- Game Review

These free adventure games has came out with another type of ideology, adventure being notorious and funny in nature can be reveled in this particular style of gaming. All of us has gone through dark nights, searching for one or the other thing to achieve, this has always been the all time favorite concept of gamers but now this time players will surely experience a different feeling while playing.

Halloween Adventure
Bravo is the character who is fascinated after seeing a house shaped like pumpkin and has decided to reach there. But unfortunately he is not aware about the fact that he has to face halloween demons who are wondering nearby in dark night and now the player has to accept the daring and make him reach at his destination.

Arrow keys are used to move and jump, “A” is used to shoot those horrible demons and down arrow keys are used for the duck. Players can make his account bankable by collecting pumpkins on his way and can collect bonus weapons on the way ahead.

So enjoy this theme of free online games and explore the dark night.

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