Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lastshot: Experience The Excitement

Among so many action games available online, one of the fine one is Lastshot. This game is easy to play and requires no extra tools. What one requires is to filter through the special weapons lab. The entire responsibility is on your shoulders after wards. You have to get a high score by killing all the hostages and leaving them untouched.

The player has different options in online game lastshot to turn off blood and shells for less lags and one can also turn off violence. The instructions are visually described as if you have to change weapons, you have to press the number 1 to 4 key, for moving around, you have to press the “M” key and to reload, press the “R” key. To throw away your gun, press the “G” key and to shoot press the left mouse button.

There is a little prelude which gives you an insight into the game. There is one option which allows you to change the tone of the sound in high, medium and low level. So, get ready to experience the excitement and explore this online action game.

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