Friday, July 17, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China Game Review

Chandni chowk to China, is it a game or a movie? And yes this time it is a complete package of online action game. Name of the game is similar to the name of the movie because the game matches exactly with the theme of the movie and of course the designing will surely make you remember of the movie.

Here in this free online game, character Siddhu Thwart has to complete his journey within the given time and that too he has to cross hurdles and sidestep obstacles within that specified time.

The player needs to move with the help of right arrow keys and can be made to jump using space bar. These free games are more of fun instead of boredom. Players who all are more inclined towards karate will surely enjoy them as usage of more action stunts is used. Different levels are designed for this particular game so that player can easily check out his or her potential.

So all you crazy players out there, give your try to this game too...

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