Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haunted Hybrid Game Review

Almost everyone in their childhood have heard about fairy tale, and have enjoyed a lot listening to it! So how about get in touch with a haunting witch? Well.. this game gives you a break to get around with haunted witch.

Haunted Hybrid

Haunted Hybrid game is one of the type of Arcade games. Its an interesting game, The actor of this game is Frieda (a witch)The player has to make use of mouse to fly the witch along the way to destination while overcoming all the obstacles as such the angry bat who will hurt you, you can even shoot him down for extra bonus points and grabbing all the candies for bonus points and the fuel as the pumpkin juice for her hybrid broom. Your score will be shown in score bar,bonus points in bonus bar, fuel capacity in fuel bar and about the Frieda(a witch) health in health bar. Once the game is over you can submit your score with your name and can start playing it again. So guys do not delay and start your fly with a haunting witch.

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