Friday, September 5, 2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Are you fond of the popular website cartoon Homestar Runner? If yes, you will like it even more in the online game - Homestar Ruiner.
Online games cover a whole world of extremely contrasting genres. The objective is to give equal fun and frolic to gamers of all age and type. But these days, the games have sprouted numerous forms and players irrespective of their age, sex and nature take out time to hop into the game express to get the maximum out of the life.
Word and puzzle games like Super Text Twist, Flip Words, Bookworm Adventure and Homestar Runner are hot favourites, especially among the kids. These free online games not only give the kids a respite from the usual monotony of books, but also make them sharp and observant. Hence, in a way these games are tutorials masquerading as fun items.

The Homestar Ruiner is a magnificent game which incorporates the essence of the classic humor and distinguished art style which is the prime flavor of the original website cartoon of the same name. The whole game goes as a story with a plethora of the bizarre characters. The game flows smoothly with unique challenges like looking for hidden items in the game's backdrop. Most of the moves are involve mouse clicks.

The gamer is expected to play the role of Strong Bad who is totally against Homestar Runner. He decides to ruin Homestar and his chances to conquer the Tri-Annual Race and in turn creates devastation at the celebratory party which Homestar's girlfriend Marzipan has thrown to celebrate his imminent victory.

However, Strong Bad repents on his deed because as a result of spoiling Marzipan's party Homestar had to drop in at Strong Bad place to seek shelter( Marzipan is in real bad temper). Consequently, Strong bad is left with no option than to help Homestar in the race and set things right. The game takes a funny twist and the puzzles on the way get intensely tougher with the advancing stages. With the intensity of the difficulty, the fun also gets a thrust and thus the game makes every single moment in its course fun-filled and thriving. Not to mention, unlike the other action games, there will be a smile on your face throughout the game.

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