Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jet pack Jailbreak

Jet pack Jailbreak is among the list of the most popular online flash games, which has been created by Pehri games, the programming , designing, sound effects and music of which has been given by Peter Hristov. This game has an unusual concept of a protagonist being lost in the old copper mine, which has been organized for the prison.

To avoid the imprisonment the player has to escape and can use an old jet pack for the purpose. As soon as the player will sign up on an entertainment portal to play this game, it will take a few seconds till the buffering ends. After its completion the player will have a black footage with the text mentioned in green. Along with the game's name there are four options provided. It includes play, story, credits and more games. After browsing on the play option the user will have three circles mentioned in which cash bonus, fuel bonus and kick bonus would be mentioned. After choosing one, the player is entitled to play the game.

Other option would be of story, which would guide the basic concept , credits would enable a player to know the creators and finally the more games option will provide an access to various other games. Among all the free online games, Jet pack Jailbreak is one such which has a nice concept and a wonderful treatment. Other than all these options the game has an exit and pause icon. This game has to be played with the help of movement keys as compared mouse which is used for other online games.

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