Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Ball Jigsaw

Christmas Ball Jigsaw is an online puzzle game which combines the flavor of approaching Christmas with a teasing puzzle. This interesting game requires to put the haphazard bits and pieces of the picture in the right place and create the exact image of the glittery Christmas ball given.

The image is of a bright dazzling Christmas Ball shown hanging from a portion of a Christmas tree. The visuals of the party prop is very attractive and you have to create a replica of the image given. It is a free puzzle game that can be played instantly without the obligation of paying any downloading charges. It is a hard-core brain exercise and any one who wants to sharpen his or her thinking and reasoning ability, should play this game.

It is a lot of fun and while solving the jigsaw you can simultaneously see the image by placing the mouse on the 'View Image' icon and re-locate the pics if you feel that you are going wrong. But you need to be quick as time is running out fast in the game.

This game will appeal to those who like to tease their brain and like to challenge themselves with tricky tasks as it will give them a lot of enjoyment. Christmas ball Jigsaw serves the same purpose and you will definitely appreciate the game.

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