Thursday, December 24, 2009

Caillou Coloring

Internet has enabled people to play many online action games. Many websites offer free action games. Apart from action games, people enjoy other different kinds of games. Have you heard about painting games. You can paint drawings in desired colors and can give different looks to these.

Caillou Coloring is a nice painting game. Children as well as adults can enjoy playing painting with brush and assigning different colors to characters drawn. This is an interesting game. There is a man carrying a baby girl on a wheel chair.

Use brush and pick a color, put the brush where you want to paint. You can assign different desired colors to body, dresses, shocks and shoes. Similarly you can also decorate wheel chair with different colors. Paint the hair of girl in the color, you want to see her with. You can also set a background color.

If you are not satisfied with earlier selection of colors, then you can change it at any moment. Children can play this game with their friends and can see who has painted better.

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