Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Golden Axe Beast Rider

Anyone who was around in the 1980’s will remember all the classic games of the time that we couldn’t wait to get home to play, R-type, Sonic the Hedgehog and of course Golden Axe. All of these games have been remade at some point and now it is the turn of Golden Axe to return to the fray, this time on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

If there was one game that I always used to enjoy playing with my friends it was Golden Axe, it was a bit like a Medieval Street of Rage, swapping broken bottles for sword and axe, oh and it was good, very good. Unfortunately however the same cannot be said for the latest remake, Golden Axe: Beast Rider is to be frank, a game that should never have been made.

The premise of the game is to rebuild the Golden Axe to help you in your quest for vengeance against the armies of the Death Adder who have massacred everyone in the land. This will result in you pounding your way through level after level of enemy until either a) you fall asleep with boredom or b) you come to your senses and turn the game off before it puts you off gaming forever.

Now there have been plenty of games before which rely on killing hordes of enemies as the main draw, but at least these games bring something interesting to the party, Beast Rider on the other hand brings nothing but a weak combat system and poor graphics and to be honest that is me being kind. Combat is assigned to two buttons, one for a weak attack and the other for a more powerful attack, pressing both together will enable you to kick opponents. Dodging and parrying is pulled off by pressing one of the two shoulder buttons, when enemies attack they will glow a certain colour, so pressing the corresponding shoulder button and then quickly attacking will cause you to dodge/parry and then counter attack and this usually causes more damage. Unfortunately due to a delay in the animations when parrying you will usually end up flat on your behind, meaning that you are probably best just attacking and getting through the fight that way.

Another way to defeat enemies is by using magic, this allows you to use one of two spells to cast at the enemy providing you have enough mana, one spell throws a fireball at the enemies while the other will cause a flame to erupt around you and cause them to fall to the floor while remaining on fire.

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