Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spore: Creature Creator - Will Wright's next masterpiece!

SPORE Creature Creator isn’t really a game, neither is it a preview in terms of what SPORE is going to be. Its just a small part of full game of SPORE that is going to hit stores in the first week of September. The Creature Creator is like play-dough on screen which you can mold into different creatures with a variety of heads, arms, legs and camouflage even. So lets take a look at what the creature creator offers.

Almost everyone out there has heard about SPORE, and even if you haven’t or aren’t the type of gamer that likes SPORE, you should definitely give it’s demo a try. The creature creator is so simple and intuitive that within minutes of installing it you will have your first creature ready and flipping over doing 360’s. There is a huge assortment of body parts available for you to start creating your masterpiece. You can also have a few backgrounds, a palette of colors for your creature and the ability to have 3 hatchlings after you’ve made your creature.

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