Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PlayStation Video Games: Technology in your fingertips

Playing indoor games had always been our best pastime even before the mobile games and the video games came into being. Today, the recent technologies have given us an amazing gift in the form of PlayStation video games. Such PlayStations have become highly famous among kids as well as adults.

A PlayStation is a 5th generation video game player with a resolution of 32 bit. The only famous company for game console is the Sony PlayStation. 3 games which have presently monopolised the market are- The Fallout 3, The lord of the rings-conquest and Final Fantasy xiii.

All these games have some unique features which have made them to maintain their top positions. It has complete help guidelines for missions along with side quests. It also includes X-Box 360 and PS3 trophies. It is a profound role playing game which engrosses you more and more as you follow the next consecutive level. It has amazing graphics, a brand new story and a unique game play which everyone would love to play.

The second best among the PlayStation and the 3 games, is the game version of the popular super hit movie 'The lord of the rings'. The most unique thing about this game is that it is a multiple player game which allows you to play from both sides. It includes the most memorable battles from the movie. Apart from giving you the opportunity to experience the journey of a 'hobbit', you also face the dark forces of 'Sauran'. Backed by exiting heavy metal music, it has unparalleled resolution and visual effects which takes you to the era of black magic and mystical forces.

Coming third on the list is Final Fantasy xiii. It is another high resolution gaming software which have created waves in the market. It is another Role playing game that has multiple characters which look almost realistic to the eye. The music is rocking and the adventure is exciting which leaves no other choice but to explore the masterpiece.

Clinging to the popularity list along with PlayStation, are the easily downloadable online flash games. You can play thousand online games at a stretch, absolutely free of cost. Unlike PlayStation which have to be installed and requires a high resolution graphic card in your system, these games can be played even in low resolution computers.

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