Thursday, January 22, 2009

Star Wars: May the force be with you

For all the die hard Star Wars franchise fans, there is a reason for you to cheer out. These fans would not be disappointed with the star wars game. The game has excited a lot of die hard followers of the franchise. The game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, is a gripping game for the gamers. The game is really enjoyable even for the gamers who don't know about the Star War franchise or for those who don't like the franchise, but I doubt, if there would be anyone in the second category? The game has been filled with all the factors which are required in a quality game. The gamers can be rest assured to have an ultimate gaming experiences while playing this game.

To start off, the star wars game come with a really gripping story line. The gamers get to be the protagonist Star killer, which is a new addition to the star wars family. You are set upon a mission by the Darth Vader, which has multiple challenges complimenting. The mission evolves some fascinating levels which provide sheer enjoyment. The game also score well with its game play and physics. The controllers are easy to master, and the game is fairly responsive to the so called controls. The physics applied in the game can be stated as really mind blowing as they give the most real like feel. The visuals and animations are also of top notch quality. The visuals are most real like, the detailing and coloring of the scenes are also remarkable. The gamer can see the finest of details, pretty clearly and that factor assures the perfect free online gaming atmosphere at ease. The fans of the star wars, would feel joyous with the game's music as the game has been provided with some of the trademark star wars music. The gamers are also treated with the hallmark Star Wars music, swoosh sound of the light sabers and movements of androids. The game is also provided with some new music, which is also very compelling.

The popularity of the star wars game has also forced the game developers to launch another series of game which can be equally entertaining and less time consuming. Gamers can also find various online flash games which are based on the star wars saga. These games incorporate almost all the major characters from the franchise and present some extraordinary game play and short missions. The gamers are offered good gaming platform by the Internet to play high end online flash games which would offer good enjoyment. One can easily find these games on various gaming web sites.

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