Monday, February 23, 2009

Retro Game Challenge: Cherish New Gaming Experience

Among all the gaming activities played on the Internet, many people are attracted towards retro game challenge. These gaming activities have an interesting history and let me tell you in brief. They are based on the popular television show Retro Game Master. This one of the most popular DS games, which was first released in the Japan in 2007 and from then, it has gained a lot of popularity. This will take you in the retro period and the graphic, sound and playing elements provide it the feel of that period. A good variety of these fun activities can be found on the Internet. When you play these games you will feel in the late 80's and they have succeeded immensely in depicting that period of time.

Retro Game Challenge

When you start the DS game, you will have to appease Demon Arino by playing retro games. The challenges are given to you, by the demon to win it. Typically, the demon gives the player four challenges. The starting levels of this free online game are easy to play but as one goes up, the difficulty level increases. The challenges are altered as we approach the gaming activity, to make it more interesting for the players.

These challenges can be winning a particular level without using any ninja star or passing a particular score and there are many distinct challenges thrown to us while playing them. These new and different challenges has made me really fascinated towards these games.

The 8-bit style gaming activity is my favorite retro game challenge. In this the nasty fun activity master Arino, will send you back in time into his own living room. There you will find young Arino who because of your passion for gaming activities, will consider you his best friend. That young Aerino will assist you in your mission to defeat the older, nastier Aerino. It will be played on the young Aerino's unlicensed console. This is deliberately done by the makers to give you a feel of the era of 1980s. The sound quality of them is excellent and I found various catchy themes in it. By the cheering of young Aerino, I really sensed that I am playing along with a friend, sitting next to me. I really have enjoyed the gaming experience and its different theme is very refreshing. I really felt that I was few decades back so if you are searching for something different to play, then I strongly recommend you to go for retro game challenge.

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