Wednesday, February 25, 2009

X blade: Solely carried By A Young Vibrant Scantily Clad Woman

X blade is mainly a hack and slash PC game which is mainly designed by the Russian designer the Gaijin Entertainment Ltd. The game is not about any conspiracy, but rather deals with a thin line of a short yet action packed story. It leads the gamer through hordes of mysterious rivals. The game solely revolves around the central character, Ayumi, who is a scantily sheathed paragon hunter, whose ticklish line of work requires mowing down of critters with the help of dual mini swords which act double as that of pistols. The story slowly makes us aware about the quiet, yet aggressive approach of the deadly girl having long, alabaster locks. The girl faces some of the giant wave of monsters and thus demonstrates a chaotic and frantic gameplay. Ayumi is the warrior who mainly hunts for treasure and she has got a map which is the only clue to get her the wealth.

Her only source of income is selling artifacts and luckily she has got a powerful artifact, which has the supernatural power. But however, during this PC game, she is cursed and now her only aim is to revive her from the curse. This is what is described in the nutshell. This story is, however, further expanded with the introduction of a wave of notorious villains, allies and rivals. The story is mainly packed with actions and give a thrilling experience to the gamer. Three forms of combat have been induced in the X blade game. These forms include magic, Melee and pistol attacks. These various actions are controlled by various buttons on the keyboard. X key is meant for Melee attacks. Y key is meant for pistol attacks and B key is meant for magic spells. Some enemies can be easily defeated with the gun, if they are hovering in the air. Ayumi is active and quick on her feet, but still she has to face some major challenges which will explain her potentiality and ability.

All of the cut scenes offer voice acting, and the gamers are told that there are multiple spoken languages and subtitles to select. This PC game features three initial difficulty settings i.e easy, very easy and normal. Hard difficulty will be revealed once the gamer has beaten the game. Gaijin Entertainment also has plans to launch an expansion and is planning to add four to eight additional levels via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

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