Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One of the gaming kings launched a new driving game called "Velocity X" is a online gaming portal website, that is attracting the gamers from a long time. This new racing game named "Velocity X", has been launched on this aforesaid website. The game is being liked by the gaming lovers. A lot of traffic can be seen on the site. Till the time of writing this report, 2608 plays have already been noticed on the website. The highest score of the game at the moment is 66138. It may be much more, when the readers start reading this press release.

Children are seen more interested in playing this frolic. It is often noticed, that, the children seem more interested in the thrilling games. The aforesaid frolics is giving fun to the adults also. The reviews of the gamers can also be read on the websites. Likewise, many other games of the, got huge positive responses. The thrill gotten by this game may be unforgettable for many gamers.

The "
Velocity X" focus on the driving. The theme revolve around defending the Monument City from a criminal gang. This gang consists of the racing villains. The interesting theme of the frolic is also a reason, that people are taking more and more interest in this frolic. You will get to know about your score on playing and if your score reaches the level of top scorer, then, it will be displayed on the website. The complete list of the top scorers can be seen in a corner of the website.

The website named has gained a lot of popularity for such fun activities. You just have to create an ID on the website and then you can play any of the frolics available on the portal. Most of the games on the portal are the flash games. You are required to have the flash software. You can even download the software free of cost on Internet if you do not have the same. The website may launch some more such exciting games in the coming time also.

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