Thursday, April 30, 2009

The story of a quest: Ascaron – A Vampire Story

Many of us have a lot of craze about playing the interesting video games. Most of us like the games upto the extent that we always try to hunt for more and more games on the Internet. These frolics come in a variety of themes such as adventure, action, role playing games etc. I really like the the role playing frolics as these consist of different concepts.

About one such game I have read in the games news, is Ascaron – A Vampire Story. The frolic is based on a very interesting story of 1895. The game is set to spooky castle Warg in Draxsylvania. The frolic runs around the tale of a beautiful opera singer Mona De Lafitte. She is trapped in the Draxsylvania Castle from where she decides to run and in order to accomplish her dream about singing in the Paris Opera. She has to face a number of challenges and a bat joins her to help in her quest to fulfill her dream. She also gets the supernatural powers in the game.

Vampire Story is really based on one of the most interesting concepts I have read about. This thrilling frolic has been developed by the company named 'Autumn Moon Entertainment' which was founded by Bill Triller. The frolic is being popular among the gaming lovers especially those who like the frolics related to the castle. After reading about this frolic, I am waiting for some latest online games news. Let see what we find in in the coming time.

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