Monday, April 13, 2009

Thrill your gaming experience by playing Deadly Creatures

As an avid game lover, I have spent my childhood playing all sorts of gaming activities and among all of them I adore playing video games a lot. These days, they are easily available on the world wide web and one can play his or her favourite fun activity at anytime on the Internet. One can play many free online games on various gaming websites and enjoy their thrill and excitement.

Recently, I played a wild fun activity called Deadly Creatures on the Internet and its electrifying features have simply stunned me. It is a mysterious game involving terrifying creatures like Scorpio and Tarantula, that have got many legs and creepy bodies. The player can choose to be either one of them in the starting of this activity. In this gaming program, the players have to travel in the dark and damp caves below the desert and the strange and grotesque situations will hold your attention till the end.

I found this activity ultimately interesting, as it involves travelling through the uninviting and dark locations, that add a chilling factor to it. Let me give you important details about the Deadly Creatures: It contains ten levels and the players will find themselves in a variety of locations in each level, though they will always remain in the desert area. It involves only two human beings who are gold diggers and are in search of buried treasure. Traversing through the linear paths from one check point to another is quite easy to do but deadly grasshoppers hiding in the branching paths pose challenge to the players. According to me, as a Scorpio, your movements are restricted and I found high agility in the Tarantula, as he can easily walk over the walls and is able to over come the obstacles with ease than Scorpio.

The 3D video technology adds reality in this game and at some points of time, I felt that I am in the middle of a battle ground. The absence of boss fights lowers the level of excitement a little but it has got plenty of other exciting battles to keep you interested. It is a delightful fun activity for all the adventurers and I felt goosebumps at certain moments while playing this activity. Thus, all those people who are looking for something new and exciting in WII games can try this amazing Deadly Creatures gaming program. You will feel excited throughout the playing session and its intimidating environment along with dangerous reptiles will make your experience a memorable one.

Trailer of Deadly Creatures

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