Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Fine Platter of Games: Big Fish Games (being based in Seattle)

Gaming Companies have a new entry amidst them in the form of Big Fish Games. This company has its base nestled in Seattle and its website is one of the examples of new things that can be done with gaming websites.

The Website of this company is quite a colourful entity in terms of its design and spacing of its contents. The contents are themselves quite innovative. Wonders have therefore become Seattle based. Games have also received new entries which are classified under the tags of versatility and perfection.

The games present here are quite innovative and are always an effective pastime full of fun and pleasure. There are both Macintosh compatible games and the normal PC games. Macintosh oriented games are quite amazing with some of the best examples being games like 'Big Kahuna Reef 2-Chain reaction', 'Azada' and 'Mystery case files: Ravenshearst'.

All these three games are fantastic and, therefore deserve considerable levels of accolades. The last one of the three:'Mystery case files: Ravenshearst' is one of the greatest creations of this company (having the bustle and life visible in Seattle due to being Seattle based). Games are always fun to play, but this one is an absolute clincher with a fantastic story and excellent gameplay. This game has one of the most advanced user interfaces ever in terms of resolution and controls. Gamers get to play detectives and solve the mysterious happenings taking place in Ravenshearst Manor while being helped by hints present in the diary of Emma Ravenshearst.

'Azada' is one of the fantastic puzzle games which has been created by Big Fish games. This game has a character called 'Titus' who gets imprisoned inside his puzzle book (which is of course magical). The person playing this game has to solve all the puzzles in order to free 'Titus'. The puzzles are fantastic and also challenging.

The next fantastic product of this company is a game called 'Big Kahuna Reef 2-Chain reaction'. The overall motive of this game is simple and placid. One has to match items in the group of three. However there are over 750 levels in this game. The beauty of the graphics in this game is evident in the graphics in these levels.

Games are, therefore, an area of expertise for Big Fish games. Most of the games present here are wonderful apart from being innovative. The emergence of this website is a welcome addition to gaming websites.

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