Monday, November 24, 2008

Psychologists Keeping An Eye on Australian Cricketers

The belief that Australian Kangaroos need psychologist support cannot be completely ruled out. Players such as Symonds and Tait had a record of mental fatigue. Then the episode when Brett Lee's marriage bust up became the latest cricketing buzz. All these have left the players shattered and they are baffled at their mental exertion. Thus professionals who are psychologists are recommended to help players to come out of their mental dilemma. The presence of a psychologist would certainly help Australian cricketers to stay relaxed while they are on a tour to a place.

Though it is also true that employing a psychologist while the team is on a tour would be expensive, but it would definitely help cricketers to have emotional care and remain emotionally stable. As cricketers spend time away from family and friends, so it is actually necessary that they are taken good care of. They should not feel home-sick and deprived. So, a psychologist can truly help cricketers maintain their mental balance. It is good to have someone with a close relationship with players and what else can be better than a psychologist.

It is this close relationship that would make it possible to understand the players better and help them to overcome their mental tensions. So, it is decided that Australia will continue to monitor Brett Lee, Clarke and others in the upcoming Twenty20 cricket series. This would definitely help the Australian cricket to soar higher and players perform better.

Cricketers after the completion of a series take back home millions of dollars. So, it is also necessary that they play well for their country. The performance of a player can be expected to be good only if the player is mentally and physically stable. Thus is the need of a psychologist in the Australian team. The person employed for the purpose should be able to keep a good relationship with all the members of the team and help them to overcome their mental exertion. This would certainly help the Australian cricket to become better in the future. The aim of this is not to increase expenses, but to ensure that the Australian cricket is devoid of any flaws.

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