Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lesser-known PSP Games

If you’re new to PSP, or just haven’t got yourself a new game in a while, you’ll find plenty of hidden classics in the handheld's software catalogue.

It’s the way of the world that certain games steal all the limelight when they’re released, while other titles make their way onto the shelves with comparatively little fanfare. Here are five games that you might have missed that are more than deserving of your attention.

Ape Escape P

A remake of the original Ape Escape, which made its debut on PS one, this is perfectly suited to PSP. Your task is to capture the charming little monkeys that have gone on to become PlayStation icons, using a variety of inventive gadgets. This slick platform adventure is perfect, colourful fun for summer.

Worms Open Warfare

Team 17 has been polishing the Worms formula for years now, but the arrival of Worms Open Warfare finally makes it possible to enjoy some top-notch wormage wherever you may be. A turn-based strategy game, Worms requires you to take your team of invertebrates into pitched battle, using a huge variety of comedy weapons.

The game is as enjoyable on PSP as it has ever been, and robust Wireless multiplayer modes make for hours of entertainment.

Bust-A-Move Ghost

Another classic gets updated for PSP – in this case, a timeless puzzle game that’s perfectly suited to the colourful, crisp screen of the multimedia wonder machine. Line up and launch your bubbles to create clusters that pop and create chain reactions. One of the most enjoyable multiplayer games ever created, Bust-A-Move Ghost also features a huge amount of puzzles for single players to tackle.

Gottlieb Pinball Classics

Pinball tables don’t seem as ubiquitous as they once were – but when you can play flawless versions of Gottlieb’s classic tables on your PSP whenever you want, who cares? Eleven tables are included, and the simulation of the silver ball as it pings, bumps and bashes its way around them is spot-on. High-score challenge games are brilliantly suited to the portable format, and there’s no better high-score challenge than a good pinball table.

WipEout Pure

If you’re a more recent arrival to the world of PSP, you may have missed out on WipEout Pure – in which case, you’ve got a real treat in store. One of the highlights of the system’s launch line-up, this futuristic racer combines lightning-speed, cutting-edge visuals with a classy soundtrack and reams of extra downloadable content through this very site. It’s recently become available as a Platinum title too, making it one of the most essential PSP titles out there.

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