Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Will the 160 kmph yorker of Shoaib Akhtar find the willow of Sachin Tendulkar in Pakistan at all

It seems that the Pakistan government is in a mood of settling differences in an amiable manner. This is reflective at least in the sport of Cricket.

The recent series between India and Pakistan that is about to be held in Pakistan itself faces apprehension from the Indian government.

The overlying tension brewing between the two countries is a fact which cannot be ignored. Moreover, events like the cancellation of a hockey series in Pakistan, with India being the opponent, has increased the fears of the Pakistan Government.

This happening is turning out to be quite an interesting addition to the field of Cricket news. Many more matches are going on, with many series being played. However, audience is finding it more of an investment of their time in reading Pakistan vs India Cricket News.

Many interesting features have evolved with the evolution of this particular Cricket news. One of them is the decision of the Pakistan Government to have an option of shifting venues to other countries.

England is one of the choices, with the sports authorities having shown an interest in hosting the series between India and Pakistan. Other venues which are considered are also quite favorable with UAE (United Arab Emirates) being another preferable venue.

Any portion of any Pakistan vs India Cricket News article is always interesting considering the political background and the relationship between the two countries. This particular Cricket news has caught the attention of most of the readers.

Furthermore, other events that have taken place in the country have led to the cancellation of many cricket series and championships in the past. The postponing of the 8-nation Champions trophy has led to further fortification of the security fears of the players in Pakistan.

The government, however, assures that all the feasible steps which can be taken are actually being taken in order to ensure security. However, it has added this option so that, just in case the Indian government is not willing to let its players play in Pakistan, then the series will be played in a different country.

The current situation has this piece of Cricket news as one of the most talked about one. Everybody is wondering as to what will take place and whether the series is going to be held in Pakistan at all. The population of Pakistan, especially, is wondering about the fate of this series. They are still waiting for the announcement of the series being held in Pakistan, as the people there, like India, have made cricket into a religion and a passion.

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