Thursday, November 27, 2008

A new feature of websites as shown by Whirled online games

A website which allows gamers to earn money using trading activities is one of the new additions to online gaming portals.

This is a website which allows two activities to be conducted. The first one is the enjoyable act of playing free online games. The second one is the act of earning money by selling off games.

Perhaps this can be explained with an example. The most lucid example is that of 'Whirled' which is an online gaming website recently launched by the company called Three rings.

This website allows gamers to create a virtual business set-up in which they sell games and other 'stuff'. They can earn money by selling these games however, the portion of the sales price received by them is one-third. The is because a part of the revenue is taken by the company while the other is taken by the creator of the game.

Thinking differently is a feature of this website, and this is clear in the three ways by which gamers can earn money, The first one is the process of receiving 'bars' upon selling of the games. These bars are, however, acquired in exchange of real money.

They can also earn 'blings' which can be exchanged for money. Another gaming currency given the name of 'coins' is available with the gamers earning it by virtue of their deeds of grandeur being done in the games that they play.

Being different is, therefore, one of the major features of this online gaming portal.

Free online games are also a feature of this portal with wonderful games being present. These games are wonderful due to being advanced in all their features. The overall collection of games is quite mesmerizing.

The world today is full of amazing things to be felt and experienced. Portals like this are one of those things and they should be visited in order to experience the beauty and the variety of their features.

One can play games, sell things and earn money and have lots of fun on these websites. Enjoyment is the major feature of this new form of online gaming portal.

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