Friday, January 22, 2010

Alice in wonderland rabbit hole

Alice in wonderland rabbit hole is free online dressup game which any game enthusiastic will love to play. Based on the famous story of 'Alice In Wonderland' the game has a gorgeous girl and you have to dress up her in pretty clothes. There are various options available in terms of dresses, shoes and various accessories. You just have to use the mouse for clicking on different options and there are no complicated instructions.

This is a free online game and therefore there are no downloading charges. The visuals in the game are very colorful and bright and create a replica of the one of the famous bedtime stories of all times. If you want to re-visit the story and love to dress up, this is the perfect game for you.

The game is simple and at the same time very cute. You just have to click on different options available and help Alice to get a new wardrobe. The game will make you nostalgic and will refresh the faint memories of the story, you must have read in your childhood. On the other hand kids too will love this game as they after reading the story will relate to it in a better way and it will also sharpen their decision making skills. They will love to mix n' match different attires and team up them with various accessories.

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