Monday, January 18, 2010

Phrase Crazy

'Phrase Crazy' is an online puzzle game, which calls for a strong thinking process. In the game you have to unscramble a phrase or famous saying by dragging the appropriate word into the blank space.

To start off with the game some of the alphabets of the phrase will be revealed to you and rest you have to find out. In start you will get an easy and short phrases but they will grow longer as you move ahead in the game. If you face the difficulty in solving the jumble phrase, clue will be provided to you which describes the phrase. You will get two minutes to solve it and the clock at the top right corner shows how much time is left with you to solve it. Even after the clue if you still face the difficulty in solving the phrase then hint button will further solve the phrase by revealing some more words. This game totally depends on the vocabulary of the person. Wider vocabulary you have better score you gain.

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